Unfair time lost

Hahaa, apreciate that! And I play in a Dutch ally, full of direct jerks, so I’m used to it. In fact, I’m one myself :stuck_out_tongue: thnx though!


:joy::joy: I agree but what if that last hero is Alby or MoNo and they keep reviving the others…happened to me a few times but ended up winning tho lol


My line id is jrigs if u need anything

@Lan similar to what some others have already said, my best advice to you is to take this as an opportunity to make an improvement in your team selection, and/or battle tactics - if you can avoid losing like this, or at least make it not a common thing, then I think your frustration about it will also go away. It really shouldn’t happen that you lose a fight against 1 enemy hero when most or all of yours are still standing, especially repeatedly.

Because you mention running into this scenario regularly, I have the suspicion you might not be fully aware of some aspects of battle or game mechanics, and by learning a little bit more about that you could potentially improve your win rates and hopefully also your enjoyment of the game by a good bit, fairly quickly.

In particular, have a look at tips #9 and #18 here:

There is really a lot more good stuff to read there and elsewhere on the forum. It can also be helpful to watch YouTube videos of other people’s fights, there are tons of them out there. You can also ask questions here on the forum (but search first, chances are the same thing’s been asked and answered before).

Lastly, this is probably already a tip somewhere, but I think experimenting and trying new stuff every now and then is good for its own sake, to shake things up but especially to learn something new sometimes. I would recommend that, especially when you are getting frustrating results.


Any idea who the player is that started that thread? Love the profile pic

Sorry no, lol… didn’t even notice that till you pointed it out. Maybe that’s what they left on the way out the door, especially given the profile is hidden…

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I live in the Netherlands and that sounds about right :wink:

Lots of good advice here - especially the “ghosting tiles” tactic. I only learned about that on the forums.

I’ve actually lost through time-out with 5 heroes alive and one on the opponents side but that’s because I start a raid and then put the phone down to play my turn in Heroes 3 in hotseat. After an unexpectedly long turn I come back with like 1:20 left and just can’t finish it in time. Has happened like 3 times :joy:

In normal play that never ever happens though. I want to play rather quick to keep my reaction time up for titans so the sudden death timer always appear after 5 minutes. So if you have too many timeouts happening you need to train to play faster. Initially it will lead to a few more defeats through bad plays but over time that will go down and you’ll never lose to timeout again. Even healer vs healer fights won’t go beyond turn 45-50ish.

Except in Heal Aid wars that is. There’s no sudden death there and if it comes down to Zeline and Grazul vs Kunchen in a corner you just won’t win that one. Just flee after a decent combination so that he’s at least damaged for someone looking to clean up.

They only visited the forum 11x times and created 1x topic and 9x replies. From this topic I am guessing English is not their preferred language.

It is interesting that most blockbuster mobile games are multi language, but most support concentrates on a few languages to keep costs down.

I know several people who learned English, Japanese, etc. to better interact with the creative teams behind their favorite hobby.

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I need to learn to speak whatever language SG speaks

After reading how great and valuable they think hero academy is to the current playerbase and are going to release it as is,
it’s obvious they don’t read English


It is a fairly common, but


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What is “META,” please…??

It can mean one of two things, and the definitions are kind of interchangeable

Most Efficient Tactic Available

And the prefix “meta” which is short for metagame, which means the overall game environment

Both pretty much mean the game viewed at high level, or the dominant tactics / strategies in use in the game viewed at high level

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thank you soooo much!! I get lost with all of the acronyms and then FRUSTRATED because I can’t move past the “word!!” smh… thanks again!!

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Totally agree. I’ve been playing since the beginning and I’m not sure I’ve ever had a raid end due to time. If I have it would have been 1 in total

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