Unfair time lost

I think the (raid) tournament is not quite fair. To many losses when the time is over. Even when I have more fighters left than the enemy. Is there a reason for this?

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The conditions of victory are that you defeat all the enemy heroes before the time runs out and that at least one of your heroes survives the final turn.

This is entirely fair as the conditions are the same for all players.

It can be frustrating to lose by a small margin, or if a strong healer team slogs it out to the end, but the opportunity is there for your defence to win in the same way.

It’s not always fun, or exciting but it is fair.


Thanks, @JonahTheBard.

Do you happen to know the rationale behind the time limit? Do you know of any potential harm if matches were extended by even a few moves when the human is active?

Also, (and I acknowledge that I have not searched for this yet), does the “increased damage” that displays as the timeout encroaches apply to both tile damage and specials?

I lost a tournament fight because of this on Monday. Enemy had 3 healers left and I just couldn’t get enough damage output. They couldn’t kill me and I couldn’t kill them. I agree, it’s completely fair. It was a seige and the enemy simply outlasted me. I actually thought it was a really fun one, even though I lost. Very nice strategy for a defense win.


I really really don’t know what the fairness is from the fact that you still lost, even if you have 5 fighters left(!), against 1 of the oposite team. (Yeah money, but this is very frustrating guys come on).

Maybe you should change the time limit into the increase damage for this Tournament. In that case there is always a clear winner and loser.

What does money have to do with it? I spend here and there and I had the same experience you did. If you wanna post a poll asking for people to vote if you want this changed, go for it. I wish you luck, but I’d be shocked if SGG actually changed the way it currently works.

Well, some people lost a lot and quit the game. Other fools, like I do, get frustrated and buy gems, hoping for better fighters. I played this game for more than 2 years and spend hundreds of dollars and I only received 2 times a bonus hero in the very beginning.

So I cannot built a decent team to level with the strenght updates which new fighters get.

I know it’s my own fault, so maybe change tactics and not buying anymore…

That is the mistake. Buy gems when you are planning to, never out of frustration. I am a spender, but I have a strict budget every month that I won’t ever go over. And I won’t spend when I’m not planning on it because of frustration. You get a lot more out of your money if you wait for deals.

Example: If you bought the $99.99 package it works out to a penny a gem(not including taxes). If you buy the standard Atlantis offer you can get 1600 gems for $4.00. That works out to 4 gems for a penny. 1/4 the price and you get an Atlantis pull.

Spending out of frustration is asking for more frustration. The game is supposed to be fun.


Sorry, but if you have 5 fighters on the field and can’t take out a single healer, then you don’t deserve the win.


as @JonahTheBard explained it: It is the same for everyone. When someone attacks you, your decence team can win the same way. Of course, you could also change it the way you propose: A battle is won, when you have more heroes left than the opponent, when the time is over. It would be a different rule. But it would be equally fair to the way it is now.

The definition of winning in this game is defeating ALL enemies AND survive. Even if you kill the last enemy but he ripostes the damage an kills your last hero, it’s a loss. This is intended.

If it were the way you want it to be, people could also say: One hero is still alive, how can that count as being defeated? Again: It’s a matter of preference, not of fairness. If you want it to be changed, make a request…

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There is a problem with the “the winner is the one with more heroes” rule.

One could just take out one hero and then wait until the time is up. Would that be fair? Not in my book.



Yeah, I’m sorry, I’m not participating in this particular raid tournament… but if it works the same as normal raids? I’ve been in many raids where it came down to my healer vs. opponent healer, and the raid went into overtime. Was frustrating because I knew I could take the opponent out if I still had offensive heroes alive… instead of us just flinging regular attacks/tiles at each other and healing ourselves every few turns (and me just waiting for the attack boost to go high enough and the right combination of tiles).

But dayum. It’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where I have all 5 heroes left alive vs. 1 on the opponent side and I still manage to lose, because I don’t think that has ever happened to me. Most of the time, if I’ve managed to kill 2-3 of my opponents and all 5 of mine are still alive? I start celebrating ahead of time at that point, because that’s pretty much a guaranteed win for me.


You’re right! Haven’t even thought of that, much more prone to abuse indeed.


Thnx for the tip Stephen!

And Evilyn, I should read the thread before making useless replies. I loose when only 1 opponent is left, while I still have ALL my 5 fighters on the field. So I don’t lose against the enemy, but against the gameplay.

Other idea is to get a draw and play a sudden death. The first team who losses a fighter loose the game.

Okay, I have to ask… how long did this particular battle last? Majority of my raids are over in less than 5 minutes. The only ones that I’ve experienced that went into overtime were the ones where all I had left were healers on my team.

Lol the fairness is that everyone deals with it

Im curious how you managed to lose a match of 5 vs 1

If you have 1 enemy remaining, you have an entire board to ghost tiles and should easily kill it


When that timer starts, it is sudden death

You’ve already had x amount of moves(31 moves before the boost and timer starts i believe which is A LOT, especially in this META) to beat the AI


It’s not 1 particular battle, but in this Raid Tournament I’ve lost 4 times because of this. Otherwise I would never complaint this much in this forum.

Ohh well, I think I’ve got to deal with it…glad the tournament is almost over.

People here are more than willing to help with team setups or whatever you need to avoid these type of losses

I know we sound like a bunch of jerks… but we’re helpful jerks lol


It’s works the same way for wars. If you don’t kill everyone of the opponents before time runs out you don’t win. They aren’t going to have it work for one thing and not another. Raid tourneys you get points for the ones you did kill that goes toward your total. I think it’s fine the way it works. If the strategy was just to have more heroes alive in a set amount of time that would be a whole different ballgame.