Unfair raids, stacking colors and no tiles

@ll2000sr In your first screenshot, I would have went for the purple diamond right away. In my experience, how your board was in that first one would have given way to an excellent cascade that would have brought up blue tiles and did a very BIG combo. Then again, the opposite can be true as well.

Last one kinda looks like the board just gave you the finger.


Too bad I didn’t record, I did the purple diamond and created a chain reaction with a green diamond, which both directly blowed up and cleaned the complete board.

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Post your roster and your defense, and maybe we can give you some help.

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The problema is not only the color but also the display on the board and the enemy héroes, I´m pretty sure most of us have dealt with the problem that our Green tiles are in front of a red hero and our blue in front of a Green enemy….


@Peazomanco lol, yes that happens too often.

i’m losing interest in the game. i am lvl 44, my vip package expires in a day or so and i haven’t been able to win any raids or tourneys for almost a week. it is so predictable, too. if i leave a colour hero off the team, my boards will be mostly that coloured tiles. if i include all the colours, i get absolutely no combos, at all. it also seems like my mana refill rates also change depending on the opponent. i’ll go against someone with the same hero at the same level and that one will be able to get at least 5 shots off before i can even get one. this isn’t an exaggeration. in one day, i lost over 400 cups to everyone that attacked me, and not a single revenge strike was a winner. and i am playing with a team of at least 3700 point power. i am losing to teams of 4100 to 3200. this is so… ugh

i get it’s supposed to be a bit difficult, but this is stupid.

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You might want to share pics of your defense team to get some advice. Strengthening your defense team will help you keep more cups in your watch tower.

Similarly, getting advice on team composition for raiding would help too. There is already a lot of advice on the forum.

Also, being part of a supportive alliance is probably the best piece of advice I’d offer.

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Not so bad as it seems, Because you have an immediate chance, on startup, to take out 3 green, and 5 purple making a diamond purple in a single move, and so having the chance to remove all purple gems (increasing Domitia mana) in two moves. Also removing purples probably would also help you to remove other greens with chains. There are even worser init, when you can do only isolated triplettes with no easy chains and color cycling, allowing you to do nothing except increasing opponent mana.

However, congratulations for your victory :+1:

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Well, almost 6 month old, but I am pretty sure the impression to post this comment was to show that the total amount of tiles on the starting board is not the only thing that matters.

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Check out my war boards :grin::grin::grin:. No fairy tale for me, I lost both fare and square. Undoubtful the worst war I ever had…

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I was using one of my mono red teams to finish a damaged team and my opening board had literally 0 red tiles. I thought the opening board had to have at least 1?

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In almost every war this happens to me 2-3 times

I had thought that the board generation algorithm made it so there was a minimum of 1 tile per element with an opening board (from what I had read), but I guess not

Bad opening boards make it very difficult to win but not impossible:

You can start with absolutely zero tiles of your color but sometimes, if you stick with it, you catch lucky and things turn out just fine:


One definition of skill is to be able to manipulate an unfavorable starting board to minimize the damage and bring in some more favorable tiles

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That was the first time I had that happen in over 2yrs, and wasn’t sure if it was a bug, but I guess not based on it happening to others as well. I have always had at least 1 tile of an element, must have been lucky not to have it happen prior.

I do read a decent amount of these threads and had thought every starting board had to have at least 1 element tile.

I want trying to come across as complaining, sorry if that’s how it did.

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It happened the same with me. I keep capture the screens then I found this post. I’m not the only one. I hope the V28 will bring us better luck.

No worries. I never heard that bit about tile requirements but I didn’t take your post as complaining.

I’ve seen others complain though and just took the opportunity to post proof of potential success. I wish that I would have recorded it but at least I grabbed the opening screenshot.

Good luck!

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yea, my defenses are pretty good. i’ll let that slide that the other teams got lucky. however, when i am attacking, it doesn’t matter what troops i am stacked with and whatnot, if i am not getting any useful tiles, there’s no point. Right now, blue seems to be the stickler. If i don’t have a blue hero, the majority of the tiles will be blue. if i add a blue hero in a rematch, i won’t get any usable blue tiles. this game is ridiculous.

How about just not fun raids instead of saying unfair. Due to the lack of red hitters, unless you have heavy emblemed 5’s you are almost literally forced to stack to take out teams with telluria, ursena, or kunchen.

I understand about hero links and the lot but making your own game go against it’s own fundamentals by pushing players into forms of battle that they will not be comfortable with unless they have certain heroes is by far killing the game slowly. U have to have teams full of +10 or more emblems just to try to hang with the highest level +18 across teams and the matches are almost open and shut. I used to have battles go to the timers in great defensive stands, now that is so rare you can almost believe it never happened.

There is nothing wrong with changing a meta, it is something wrong when the meta has color emphasis and players who were not playing with certain heroes were realeased are at way worse of a disadvantage than before emblems.

The power creep is one thing but with the amount of hero skills avaiable for use and the limitations of the vanilla heroes it just simply NOT FUN and that phrase will kill this game when it should have been going in the opposite direction.

You released a very good hero with two few counters and a whole new emphasis on dots and minions with very little that beginning players can do about these things. The game and seasons are totally playable with season one heroes all the way through the bosses and most of the events can be strategized through, but I have to plan way more as 5 extra levels and 1 more day is a lot for people to try to finish.

Raiding used to e my favorite part of the game besides wars. After running 2 months of extensive tests, unless you have regular +12 and above enblemed heroes to go with a few +20 4’s as soon as those emblems are +18 across, unless you stacking heavy, you can almost hang it up. All bad boards are punished in a fashion that makes a person not even wanna try and that is just not working out.

There was a quiet time where complaints had somewhat died down but ever since the Francois travesty, it’s just not the same in the forums or in the game. SG is shooting themselves in the foot just as the world is trying to burn itself down…irony at its finest.a

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