Unfair raids again

There is something in the game that is very badly done, I talk about the assaults … I am level 32 and the maximum power that I can form the team is around 3600 power, which is my defensive team … I start assaulting other players and I see that as I win I go up the trophies and consequently I only get adversaries that even reach 4200 power, so far I am able to understand the game, the more trophies more difficult adversaries touch you … but what I do not understand is because I with a 3600 defensive team I am constantly attacked by players with more than 4100 power, we are talking about a difference of more than 500 power, which has a quite significant weight in the game … And while I am being adversaries of more than 4100, I with 3600 give me them to attack me, and it is clear that they always destroy me team, even many times some get to take me more than 40 glasses … I would like very much that in the assaults I could also Finding 3,000 teams of power that could take 30 cups … this way I would not feel so unjustified … and the only way I have to fight that, is to stop assaulting until I take enough glasses and then enjoy a Little of the assaults … with all that I follow that this game does not benefit in any way the skill of the player, it does not matter how much you are skilled of game, assaults and you win to the others so that nothing more to disconnect from the game, they begin to give you the giants of the game … and there is something more that still gives more rage, most of the giants that assail there is not the minimum mortgages of having happened with an eventual revenge, because it will always give them even more drinks after what you they have removed … you have to see this point of the game, it’s pretty badly done … regards!

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