Unfair raid system


I am new, level eight (8) and when I clicked raid, it pit me against a level eighteen (18) player with the refresh option at the small cost (sarcasm) of 500 food, so I chose this option and was then matched to a level twenty-three (23) player. This really should be fixed and made fair because I obviously cannot attack a player that much more advanced than me, but what will stop any player ten plus (10+) levels above me from extracting an easy win against me? This needs to be fixed with a range of plus or minus (+ or -) three (3) levels instead of being an unfair free-ranged-free-for-all that lower/new level/players get screwed out of the opportunity to win unless you invest 2,000 plus food to find a suitable opponent with a potential victory payout of seven hundred (700) food. “We’re spending dollars to chase dimes” -Jedi <-- thats me and you can quote me on that statement.

If this is actually read by a member of the development or maintenance team, I thank you for your time.

Take care all.


The player level has nothing to do with how hard the player is to beat in a raid.

Even the team power is an just an indication of the team strength, and a poor one at that.

I suggest you try a few raids, get to know your heros and the heros you fight against and see what happens.

After all, its just a raid and you will get plenty more :slight_smile:


This is what I am faced with…


Raiding is difficult at the beginning ofnthe game when you’re buildong your first teams and dont have many levelled heroes. Your opponents team is not very strong and you’ll be defeating teams like It before you know it.

Continue to level your heroes and supplement eitb the 3*s you’ll be getting in the coming weeks


Don’t worry about cups when you’re first starting out and just dive in. Build your team, get a feel for raiding and success will come.


Thank you all very much, I hope this is the case and I can start winning battles. I will take all advice and move on from here. Thank you all for responding and being great, I truly thank you all!


Pretty much what they said, but knowing some of the basic strategies will also help. Raids improve over time and don’t be shy to manage your cup levels to match against opponents who aren’t so frustrating. (As a starting player you’ll have less scope for this, admittedly.)

See below for some basic strategies.