Unfair Raid issue?


Translation (Italian): Also I want to report a serious anomaly in the management of the raids. I believe that some accounts are included in a particular list to make them lose always and in any case even with much lower teams. I am considering the possibility of informing Google of what is happening, because I am afraid that there will be incorrect behavior on the part of system administrators.

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Wierd RAID bug

Well, raids aren’t fair and everyone know that :confused:

If You want to get higher in rankings then u have to Play alot and have luck on champion rolls or just invest on the game and buy gems to get them faster…

Alot of my guildmates have smth like 1600 trophies and when they are searching they are getting players with 500-700points more then they have :confused: (it’s just because other players have same amount od trophies)

Trophies system should be changed but i don’t really know how, maybe after few months we will see something new :wink:


What exactly is this unfair raid issue? Many people who think Raid is unfair have been shown to not understand how it works (or to disagree with how it works).

I would be careful to accuse SG of intentionally sabotaging players—which is not in THEIR best interest—without a whole lot of proof.

Che cosa è esattamente questo problema di raid ingiusto? Molte persone che pensano che Raid sia ingiusto hanno dimostrato di non capire come funziona (o di non essere d’accordo su come funziona).

Farei attenzione ad accusare SG di aver intenzionalmente sabotato i giocatori, che non è nel loro migliore interesse, senza un sacco di prove.


Il gioco è cosi. Per rimanere in una buona posizione deve giocare tutti giorni.
A volte puoi vincere a un giocatore più forte come perdere con uno più debole.
Chi sono tante cose a tenere in conto.
Gli tuoi heroi e la formazione di ataco, gli heroi dell’ nemico e la sua formazione, gli troppi tue e le sue.
C’hai una guida per giocare le raid sull foro, che sarebbe conveniente leggere.


Sì, mi rifiuto di giocare a Raid tutto il giorno. In bocca al lupo!


Sorry, but I thought the main language of the forum is English, is it not?


It is. I moved this thread to Foreign Languages (you can always scroll to the top to check where it currently is). :slight_smile:

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Great. I just noticed the category from the main Forum home.
مذهل. لقد لاحظت هذا قبل قليل في صفحة المنتدى الرئيسية


Lol really you don’t think they would screw a non paying player for a paying player cause I don’t pay and I seem to be getting quite the screwing can’t defend myself and can’t win a raid or gain any type of ground to get into the diamond level


I turned off/ignored Raid for two solid months because I did so poorly in it.

I’ve found Raid to be an interesting bag of

  • Skill (knowing how to work the board)
  • Luck (getting those awesome easy boards)
  • Strategy (knowing how each and every card works, knowing how to put them together and when to use them).

I must admit when I started playing Raid I was getting by on luck alone, and that ran out. Learning Strategy and gaining Skills makes it more fun because I win more often…but I’m by no means a master. I watch those guys to try and learn their sekrits! :grin:

Ho disattivato / ignorato Raid per due mesi solidi perché l’ho fatto così male.

Ho trovato Raid come una borsa interessante di

  • Abilità (sapere come si lavora il tabellone)
  • Fortuna (ottenendo quelle fantastiche schede facili)
  • Strategia (sapere come funziona ogni singola carta, sapere come metterle insieme e quando usarle).

Devo ammettere che quando ho iniziato a giocare a Raid stavo passando per fortuna da solo, e questo si è esaurito. Imparare la strategia e acquisire competenze rende più divertente perché vinco più spesso … ma non sono affatto un maestro. Guardo quei ragazzi per cercare di imparare i loro segreti!


Raids might have some missmatch. I think its how you place and match your heroes skills that count for a lot and of course, the luck of the attacker. A lot of great generals agrees that in war, combined with good planning and strategy, luck is key.


Just want to add that i sometimes looses to ppl with -400 teampower than mine cause of bad tiles luck and combos. :skull_and_crossbones:



I apologize, my last reply was not in Italian. I have fixed it. You see? ^^

Mi scuso, la mia ultima risposta non era in italiano. L’ho risolto Vedi?


I feel cheated, I spent a great amount of money and I didn’t get anything. I am sure you use a system with loops that push you to spend money without giving you anything.

This is a scam that I believe should be reported to Google and the competent autority

Isaia Papaleo


Mi dispiace molto che tu ti senta così. Anche se non credo che SG stia violando le regole di Google, puoi sicuramente esplorare il problema con Google qui:



I am very disappointed by your behavior, you have taken Italian players for milking cows.
You did not understand that in Italy many people sleep realized your behavior and you want to address the Police Post that controls the Web.

Continue so that soon you will have news from Italy you do not respect the Italian players

Isaia Papaleo


Not at all. I’ve played online games for years. When something costs real
Money, I read the small print.

At the Summon Gate, I find that I am guaranteed a 3* at the least, and I have a chance to get a 4* or 5* but I’m not guaranteed those things.

I have never gotten a Hero of the Month, though I have tried. As a fellow player, I feel your frustration, but I don’t feel I am owed these things. :confused:
(I’m a player here and an unpaid volunteer.)

I choose to go through the Training Camp lvl 20 for my chances at 4/5*, because it is free. I post my results for TC20 often I’m this thread:

May I encourage you to try the Training Camps for your heroes? TC13, TC20