Unfair raid attacks continuously

I am getting non stop raid attacks by far higher lol players both in attack and player lvl I am getting between 50 and 100 attacks a day it’s so bad it doesn’t matter if I’m online or offline I’m still getting attacks please sort this I’ve reported this 3 times now twice to support in email no on here these attacks are greatly unfair towards me no other person I’ve spoke to in the game are experiencing this and neither did I till about a month and a half ago I am extremely unhappy at the moment


Typically, as a newer player, other players of similar rank are only gaining cups through the last level of a province. But as you gain more, you’re likely getting into an area where you’re on par with active raiders now. Nothing new is changing in the game, this is just a dynamic you’ll have to adjust to.

That being said, at your level, there are no real gains to trying for a certain cup level (unless you’re trying to get in a certain alliance). But this is just something you need to get used to. Either run a very very low defense team to get your heros or cups tanked so low that you’re not desirable to raid, or just consider this part of the game.

I get attacked between 50 to 200 times a day roughly, and vary from 2350 to 2700 cups (roughly maybe 400th to 20th) and that’s my stable zone, so to speak. You’ll get better, your team will change, and most importantly, you’ll move up.

Keep in mind that really, the main important thing for you is filling hero, monster, and titan chests (along with titan loot) as this will help you progress through the game. If you’re raided down to a lower cup level, this makes your opponents for the day easier.

So keep your chin up, and happy gaming!

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Several things you can try:

  1. continuously empty your warehouse (and don’t lvl it up further; a full warehouse invites a certain type of raider)

  2. change your defense lineup and lvl your heroes. Most successful raiders are using (fully leveled?) 3-5* heroes, and a defensive group of heroes will work well together to heal, debuff and otherwise frustrate your attackers.

  3. [take this with a grain of salt] ignore raid. Many have complained that there is something or other wrong with Raid, that it is unfair, or infuriating, for any number of reasons. My personal response has been to ignore Raid entirely (unless I am bored). If this strategy is not for you, focus on #1 and #2.

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That’s good advice. Really it is.
But what about when you’re in-game getting raided? Because I’ve had this happen to me while I am also in-game. And when I decide to revenge raid, it won’t let me raid them because they’re online in-game. Why are these players able to raid a person in-game but not us them?


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You can’t be attacked when you are online unless you are in the top 100. It will seem like you are attacked if you log into the game right after someone started raiding you, or you go idle too long and the game sees you as inactive.

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So you can’t be raided while online unless you’re in the top 100? That explains what happened last night. I had just leveled up after having been on for roughly 30 mins and was doing some raiding and about the 4-5th one I had a pop up saying I had successfully defended my tower the first time while getting beat the second. This all happened while I was actively raiding myself but I think I was around 75/100 in rank at the time so I will not put a ticket in for this.

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But it happened. And there is no way for me to show that it happened. I have immediately told alliance when it happened because I was online and in game at the same time it happened. I never timed out like what happens when it does say are you there. Which has happened to me. But this doesn’t happen all the time either. When it does, like I’ve said, I’ve been in a province battles. Then come out to move on and a pop up with the battle stats shows that I was raided. Whether I won or not. When I haven’t, and later down the line decided to go and repay the raid, and the person is online, I am unable to. Ok. Well, I wait for another moment. When I am online in-game and active this shows up, and whoever it is was still able to raid me. It just seemed a little one-sided. And People keep thinking I must have been times out, or thought that I was when I was not online or whatever. But I assure you, I have been in game active online and this has happened.


Why the heck do i get beaten in raids by players ranked 10.000 below my own rank? They’ve not even close to be maxed. This happens even more after the new update!


Could be because until the last update there was no incentive for many players to push their cups to competitive levels relative to their actual team strength and playing skill, and several decent reasons to deliberately play low. With the new raid loot tiers, some people are moving up the rankings to see if the better chest results are worth the effort.

Ok the cups. Wouldn’t that make it harder for them when those cups can be taken as well? I mean, if that’s what they’re going for, and during raids, if they lose, those can be taken right? Their efforts would be for nothing if whatever amount of cups they’re trying to get we’re hard to reach because they keep being taken by others. Or am I even making any sense lol? Because in head it did make sense, and never seems to come out the way originally thought. Hmm

When you Raid, you risk losing cups…but not all risks are equal:

  • If I see a player with Ares, Alberich and a bunch of maxed out, fast, hard-hitting 5*, I’m not likely to try that. :grin:

  • If I’m given odds of 13/48 (If I win I get 13 cups, If I lose I lose 48), I’m less likely to try that.

  • If I see someone with relatively little food/iron to take, I might not try that.

Now reverse all three: a weaker team, better odds, lots of food. I’m gonna hit that. Twice if allowed! :grin: Sometimes we make our own luck. :wink:

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Im tired of being raided non stop. Even while I am online playing for 30 minutes or more. Wish we could buy some kind of item to protect your base/tower. Hell, Id buy several.

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It’s not supposed to happen but I also just got raided while playing and I hadn’t just logged in. Also, the cups are all messed up now. Someone 200 tp above me will get 40+ cups for beating me and I’d only get roughly 13 cups if I won the revenge. This has been and ongoing problem for the last 3-4 months.

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