Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

We were matched against current top #7 alliance (don’t know how to type their name), and we are currently on #17.
It was a GREAT war even if the outcome was not what we intended. But we lost by only 23 points!! I pretty much liked this new system (considering only this war as we can’t make statistics yet) and instead of complaining facing a stronger and hard opponent we almost came out with a victory! Another great point is that both alliances used all 180 flags! Thrilling


Matching in the top 100 is excellent—and probably will become even better as the new titans lets the extremely strong alliances pull ahead of the merely very strong alliances. Based on the reports above, though, it looks like there’s work to improve the matching in mid-tiers.

I’m assuming that SGG is looking at results to see what happened with lopsided victories.

Excellent question. This has been brought up in the past and is something that needs to be addressed. If your opponents are putting up very strong defensive teams to start with, then they must not have much behind them on the bench if you are being matched up with them. Try to coordinate attacks and color stack to take down their defensive teams. They ought to run out of steam quickly once their top teams are done attacking.

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@Otto0000 unfortunately, they did have plenty behind the bench… :wink: We did our best, but we were creamed. So I am even more interested in finding out how the matching is done.

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We are an alliance with around 80 k alliance power and got smashed by a 90k alliance. Nothing to do about that, just sitting in the sofa and relax

Alliance Power was the original matching metric. The forum was swamped by irate players grumbling that it was a horrifically bad way to match.

So, you know, maybe it’s not really a relevant way to compare alliances. Because cup dropping. And other stuff.

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Just felt that this was worth restating…it is NOT a good way to determine if an alliance is stronger or weaker than yourself. There are too many other factors that can influence this.

An good way to see (by players) if attackers really have better heroes could be to make possible inspect attacks by clicking on the attacker’s gained score (and making it not disappear).

Ex. player A attack player B, scoring 46
player A, B, C… can click click on A vs B 46 and a popup appear, showing A’s attacking heroes.

It could be handy to see if the matchmaking is working.


Really unimpressed with the new way of matching teams. It’s rubbish. Last war we were up against a team with a 12k team advantage and got mashed. This time it is a 17k advantage to the other side with only 3of their players holding defensive teams of less than 3000 points. My alliance has less than half with a 3000+ defense team. How is the algorithm comparing teams? - because the writers should actually study game theory, rather than this joke. It is completely demoralising to try and play a game which is so unbalanced. This is supposed to be fun and relaxing. And it isn’t.

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Well this new matchup is really bad for us
There is no way in any of the other matching systems we would of met them for a few more weeks while we are growing
Our last matchup was tough and we lost but it was a fair match in my opinion.
This latest one we have 15 of their players lvl40 and above and 75% of 5eir alliance have a tp of 3.5 and above with 6 over 4K
We have 5 players lvl40 and above and only 50% with a tp of 3.5 and above.
This system needs to be corrected or I feel lots will be boycotting war which is unfortunate as it is an enjoyable aspect of the game.

We are also facing an alliance we never would have been matched with previously. Must be fixed!

We have a total alliance score of about 115k. Every single time, every one, that we meet a team between 113k and 117k, it is a great fight. Every time it’s outside that range, it sucks. I’m sorry, the vast, vast, vast majority of alliances are not manipulating their scores for war matchups. Total alliance score is far and away the best way to match, and it’s not even close. This new one is just absolutely horrible.

Stronger teams have a chance to fight but weaker team mates are just getting discouraged.

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The match up scenario at the lower end is even more out of balance as I have just looked at my daughters alliance war matchup they are so out matched to make it worth them actually boycotting the war all together

With a 40k difference in score and them having high lvl players this is a reason that the match up mechanism needs changed or they might as well give up on war

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Hey @Allslost.
Continuing the discussion from 1.12 Release Notes & Status:

Let’s say the opponents of your daughter all have 7-10 strong heros so they can defeat titans easily so they get a high titan score but they just have 10 out of 30 heroes they can use to attack. Your daughters alliance can attack with an average of 30 points each attack but the opponents can just attack 1 to 2 times with their strong heroes and the rest are unleveled or 3*s.
Therefore your daughters alliance win easily and the opponents alliance is like “how is this fair, our rooster is not that big like our opponents” blablabla
From what I say (in terms of score in this forum since the last patch) the scores were very close.
I’d say just don’t be intimidated by “strong heroes” in raid defence.
I’m in an alliance placed around 50. We defeated alliances ranked 30 in war and are now paired with place 11 on the leaderboard.
Scores are:
Us: 130.000, Place #80 in Leaderboard
Them: 153.000, Place 11 in Leaderboard

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My alt alliance, a training one, and its match. By the number of cups one can see how mismatched this is. And please, no bench depth. The only one with something vaguely resembling a bench has 14 heroes, most unlevelled. About 24 members have a main team of 3* and 2* heroes, and some only 1* and 2* heroes

First off I do understand player lvls and bench depth.
Personally I am lvl 49 and will happily fight on any team. But to put new players up against players that are way superior to them is not a way to encourage people to stay.
Their highest tp 3700 with over 70% above 3k how is that fair against a noob alliance with an average team of 2k
And we are told it is done on top 30 hero’s you have but we are not told if they count an unlevelled one as fully lvld or not it has not been explained properly


There is a reason they were matched. Try to find out why. See what they can do against them and if it is truly futile. The only flaw in doing it this way is that one dimensional teams remain falsely stronger because the defensive team, once beat, regens with the same strong heroes when they ought to be required to retire those heroes and the next defensive team take the field. Then it would be more fair.

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Guys, something is wrong in whatever algorithm is producing these matchups. There are too many that are just insanely out of whack right now. I don’t care how many heros you have, you absolutely will not beat an alliance with 15 to 20,000 higher total alliance score. If anyone has, please, post the result so everyone can see it. I’m actually pretty good at AW, I have 5 really good, 3400+ teams, and I see absolutely no way this is possible.


The only reason I can moderately agree with you on this is that currently the defensive team, once beaten, does not get retired and replaced with a different team. If they implement that change, then the current sorting system will be more fair and reasonable.

Meanwhile, here is what I recommend to you: Do not get mesmerized by the alliance score. Just fight the battles no matter how lopsided it appears to be and see how it goes. You may be right. You may be wrong. You may do much better than anticipated or worse. You don’t know until the battle is fought. I can tell you that the last couple of battles on my second account the other team was much stronger, but we made the last battle very close and this one is currently also very close against a very strong team. I enjoy the challenge.

The rewards for AW really are not very good win or lose. I enjoy the competition and competing with my team, together toward a common goal. Whether we reach that goal or not, well, obviously its better if we win but its ok if we don’t.

I actually prefer to be up against a team that’s a bit stronger than we are, even if we lose and I look forward to seeing that team again.

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