Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

I have a long list of things that don’t quite make it into the “fair” pile when it comes to Alliance Wars, but my main issue is the matchmaking. We have a relatively new Alliance with half of our members being new and under the required level to participate in the Alliance War. The current War we are facing today is a team with a full roster and 10k alliance score above us. They have 26 teams vs. our 18. I could understand if it was a matter of people not setting up their defenses but that is not the case. We don’t have nearly as many eligible war participants as our opponent. Statistically speaking, we have no way to hold our own in this war.
It feels a little soul-crushing knowing we don’t stand a chance, and this is a pretty regular occurrence. I have had several of our new members express how discouraging the wars have been for them with the teams so mismatched.

The suggestion I would have would be to match teams based on eligible, level 12+ members first, then go about the team score or whatever else is used to determine a match. This way there is a much higher chance of a fair and equal fight. That way Alliances accepting new players aren’t punished. Or give them the option to opt out of wars altogether.

I say that this game has many holes and lots of complaints from the players. It’s a very nice game but it’s starting to make people tired because it’s not uniform in the rewards of playing in the heroes’ draws. I’m sorry but the truth is here everyone is saying it. programmers do not want to hear who uses the game. when people stop spending, they will notice it.

I understand now QueenA. Seriously though, now is as good a time as any to take charge and get your alliance members on a path to leveling. If the alliance chat is not enough to get your plan across you can always use chat apps like “Line” or “Discord.” Best of luck!

Thank u I will do my best

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@Otto0000 Where can I find details on the AW matching changes planned for v12? I’ve looked around the forum & am not finding a thread. Thank you.

Currently the changes are in beta, which means they’re testing them out and nothing is yet set in stone. Any list of current plans and what’s being tested would be subject to change before final release depending on the feedback from the testers, so it would be of limited usefulness.
It’d still be interesting to read though, I admit.

There was an in game message with all of the changes and I thought I had seen it in the Forums, but now I can’t find it. I even went to the Google Play store to see if it was listed there, nope. I went to the Facebook page for E&P and no announcement there. I deleted the in game message I received with the updates listed.

Thanks Otto0000; I don’t remember that message, but did get one today saying that War is suspended until the 1.12 release.

The new matching did not work well for our Alliance this week. They average above 3k and we average below 2.5. So something is busted or there are still cheats.

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My complaint is not so much the matchup, but the wonky point system.

Example. My defense is 3200. My opponent can score a total of 80 pts against my lineup.

However I’m attacking a 3445 defense but only gain a total of 66 pts defeating this. Or attack a 3650 defense and score 80 pts the same as my 3200 defense? How is that fair? I looked over the lineups and the are tons of issues like that.

the point system works by dividing 2000 points to alliances def teams according to HP. So the reason why you get less points is that the enemy has stronger teams overall.

Now I’m starting to little come around on this new system, my own matchup is more even than I expected (atm 2000-3200) considering that the alliance point difference was 35k - 65k and the enemy team are considerably stronger. Now there isn’t really any chances for my alliance to win, but 1k difference is not that massive. I looked through our earlier wars (I was in a different alliance though), and the difference is not atleast bigger than what is used to be, and that is a good sign IMO.

Edit: Also I’ve been hearing about really even match ups, as close as few points. But I’ll have to see how this war ends, and how the next ones looks to form a proper opinion. (Sorry about the early reactions on my part)

We are having our best and most even war so far. If we had been 30 I think we would have had a very slight edge but one was thrown out of war due to 4 defenders, one barely active person has left guild during war and one announced he probably has to quit because of RL so he’s still opted in but not hitting. So the board is 28 vs 30 but one of us won’t hit.

We may lose by 100ish points but no matter if it will be a win or a loss it has been the most exciting fight so far. Our guild really was disadvantaged when using titan score and this has been a huge improvement.

But yeah I see above that this has disadvantaged others. I believe it’s probably a better system than the previous one but it won’t truly be fair until War gets its own ranking system so that wins and losses can help with future matchups.

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I can honestly say this is our worst matchup since the beginning of the wars. Our opponent is much stronger in TS and obviously also has deeper useful rosters, because we are getting creamed. Our weaker players do not have the possibility to even clean up on the defense teams, due to the huge disparity of TS. So I am wondering how exactly the 30 heroes are being weighted…


Our war has unfortunately been drastically one sided still. The team we are facing has 9 players with 4000+ team power. We have 4. They also have a ton of depth based on the scores being put up. Most of our alliance hovers in the 3400 team power range. Their lowest player (due to the opposing alliance kicking out their two weakest players prior to war and bringing them back in) is 3418 team power we have 8 players who are under that team power. I was hoping the new implementation would increase the fairness of war - we’ve been on the receiving end of trophy droppers quite often but I guess kinks still need to be worked out.


low level 5* heroes are stronger than fully leveled 4* heroes - same thing with fully leveled 3* and low Level 4*.
as we know fully leveled 3* are much more useful in any fight than a say 2nd tier 4* . So, anyone with a large deck of 4* and 5* heroes (even not leveled or low level) will be considered stronger than someone with fully leveled but lower rank heroes. Which I consider unfair.
This also leads to one funny conclusion: people paying real money to buy gems and get multiple high ranking heroes now have a DISADVANTAGE compared to those just levelling what they got. So this game now is PAY TO LOSE. That’s a new one :wink:


But the opponent has fully leveled 5* - and fully leveled 3* are not much use to hit that kind of defence… so while I understand what you are saying, it is not the situation that our alliance is facing; and probably holds true for many that have posted about an uneven matchup.

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The caveat of the new matchmaking method probably is team strength distribution across the alliance. Two alliances with similar sum of all 30 best heroes of all 30 players -can- still have very different AW results, because of team strength distribution. If one team has very evenly distributed overall roster depth, and the other has 15 very strong roster depth players and 15 weaker roster depth players, because both would put their 5 best on defence, the unevenly distributed alliance has an advantage.

Basically, you’d be hard pressed to find the perfect matchmaking method. That’s a sobering conclusion. But not an unrealistic one, I’m afraid. Perhaps it’s best to just use what we’ve gotten, and recruit/coach for deeper roster strength behind that one best hero.

Because while at times math is against us, we are still humans. We can also make the difference in a positive way. Leadership and coaching, to strengthen the weakest links, and to ensure all shots are indeed fired. Turn the tide, and grab victory from the cold claws of a defeat on paper.

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Not the strongest hero - 30 strongest heroes…

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Just to be clear it took you, @Petri and @Dante2377 to get that straight behind my thick skull.


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And the end result was as I said earlier, most fun war ever for us :slight_smile: Sure a few of us missed doing some attacks in second round but I’m sure the same happened to the other side too. Also including some screenshots to show why Titan score was a horrific method for us. Green and Red Titans are my best so it makes sense to try to level up or use a potion or two on those. No Panther or Jackal yet (Well no Athena or Isarnia either but yay Grimm).