Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

Shoot I’m just confused cuz there Titanic score is 2 points from ours but there team is so much stronger we go down fighting tho :joy:

And now it comes to this

Our score is 34562 and we losing alot

I don’t know how they can match alliances fair, but Titan score is just horrible. We usually have 5k to 15k less trophies than our enemys and just get crushed with 1k+ points difference in the wars. For us it is a punishment and massive demoralization to focus on good titan results. Alliance war is currently the part of the game that really makes the game horrible for me.

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Are you artificially inflating your titan scores by using excessive flasks and items? Those items will allow you to kill the titans but at the same time you are making yourself appear stronger than you actually are. Where we are the titan score works and we only lose to alliances that are older than ours where the opposition has a large number of fully leveled 4 and 5 stars.

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My alliance has never done this but, considering the rules to the game it’s completely legal, some alliances make an alliance with others alliances and trade out power houses for war time, I don’t see the problem with it really is actually pretty clever and let’s just be frank here is war and everyone knows that in times of war anything goes, I could see if they were modding or actually using cheat hacks but that isn’t the case, if this mode of thought is allowed to persist the next thing will be people complaining of a team being flat out to strong which undermines certain players hard efforts to grind out a great team or flat out pay hard earned money for one, THEN the slope just keeps getting more slippery from then on out…before long someone will want separate wars for players who pay and players who don’t or can’t…smh, my suggestion would be to become more powerful or change your war tactics to mirror your opponents.

@Timitrius do u not see the 2000 point difference we aint getting a team thats equal to us at all we r losing by at least 2000 or more points each time

Titan score for us in war match ups have been within 50 points up or down so I reckon it is all good.
Trophy score being higher only implies that they raid a lot and don’t get raided back much. As an alliance we often face teams with 5 to 10k higher trophy points than us. But as we work as a team in war with no glory hunting we as a team win or lose together and grow.

How many leveled heroes does everyone in your alliance have beyond their main five on defense? That is the biggest difference between the wars now. Alliances that have more serious players don’t need to have all 5* heroes to do well in wars. Having a deep bench is the key, and alliances that have players that have been around for six months or more will naturally be more prepared.

My suggestion to you is to get your alliance members to start leveling all of their heroes. At least work towards having 30 level 50 or higher heroes as soon as possible. That could be 3* at 3/50, 4* at 2/50, or 5* at 1/50. Then, as they get these heroes to this point, work on bringing the 4* and 5* heroes to lvl 60 - so 3/60 and 2/60. (Doing this is an immediate upgrade to your alliances attack power for the second set of flags.)

If they don’t have a lot of 3* and 4* heroes I suggest keeping at least one TC13 running at all times. Don’t push for SH20 and TC20 just to get 5* heroes because it’s a lot of time and resources wasted.

Last couple of things- You don’t need money to have fun with this game but you have to be realistic as to how well you will do against people that do spend money. Second thing - if you are in an alliance where the other members are extremely casual - meaning that they more than likely won’t follow anything I’m suggesting - and you are not that casual, look for a new alliance. Don’t get frustrated. It’s just a game. Have fun.

My alliance has lost 3 wars and although it stings we don’t get upset about the other alliance’s titan score, cup score, or anything else. We chat about how to get better for the next one.

You can always message me for more advice if you want.

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Honestly my alliance is mainly new members I have had to rebuild it cuz all my strong members had left after first war but they r trying to get there

Hi, thank you for the feedback! In the upcoming update (1.12) we’ll be introducing some improvements to the Alliance Wars matchmaking.


Thank you for adressing all concerns by the community and trying to make things better in AW :).

/me starts waiting and hitting refresh button in the store looking for new version right now.

I ask you to consider another aspect. many components of alliances with weak characters deploy only one defending character in order to lower the points that the other Alliance can conquer. who plays can deploy from 1 to 5 players in attack but always 6 attacks at most can do. this is not right either. I ask the possibility that you improve this aspect of the game. thank you

If you read the planned updates, it states that the minimum number of heroes on a defensive team will be 5 and the minimum value of a defeated team will be 20. It has already been addressed.

our battle today

I do not understand what happens with some alliances. In this war we have 81k (37.5k + 43.5k) and we have been against an alliance with 91k (47.5k + 43.5k).

As expected, they are destroying us.

What I see is a “serious” alliance, how can it be that alliances with such good teams have such a low value of titan?

Yeah I will believe the proposed matchmaking changes are good when I actually see them. If matchmaking still sucks after the update I think it is time to make an anti war alliance. I’m sure I can find 29 other players that hate AW as much as I do to fill it…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

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Perhaps one relatively young alliance with good players wich has not yet the titans for its level ?

the leader has 367 days in the alliance

That’s not how it works. No alliance can lower how many points they are worth, they can only shift the point value to other teams.