Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

That seems like the simplist, easier solution.

This also happened to our alliance in first war. The team we got as enemy was of a similar strength/alliance scores but they are Alliance that have affiliation(?). I mean Alliance Recruitment I & Alliance Recruitment II. Problem was they pulled out some of the strongest guys in their AR I and swapped them with some players in AR II causing unbalanced strength between our team and their team.

As for the current war, our alliance is in top 46, but our opponent is top 19. I’m pretty sure @Petri announced some days ago that they will match opponent in Alliance Wars by their similar strength, but now looking at this, it is very disheartening.

The gap between two alliances are too much, idk how this come to this but i hope devs can look into it and fix that. Thanks

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And that’s the point - it hurts people, otherwise no one would complain about it. And those alliances doing so know that it hurts. Otherwise I would not question their honor.

Alliances are matched before the war starts (24 hours before, I think). At that time, your two alliances may have been closer to each other on the leaderboard.

People complain all the time about a near infinite variety of things, most of which don’t hurt them. This is another one of those things.

As much as i want to take that as compliment bc it means we were considered stronger, but no. Our aliiance was 49th the day before(& around that number /if not lower due to a member leaving these last 2days) and theirs was 22th.& it’s still a big gap however.

Interesting. Perhaps they have adjusted the matching criteria and are no longer using just the alliance score?

You guys need to make it so, you have to setup a 5 man team. We are vs. 1 man healer teams. But its nice that the bonus for killing is fixed. Its just taking the fun out of it, play vs 1 man team.

I hope that was directed to me so i won’t feel bad to answer it​:sweat_smile:. In any way, idk about that, but it would be nice if devs can look into this or better elaborate to us as what criteria they use now to match opponent in AW thus Alliances with such big gap in alliance scores and strength are matched, or maybe it’s simply thought that 10k+ difference in Alliance scores is not considered as a big gap…:thinking:

I was just wondering, really, but wondering in your direction, yes, so thanks for taking the time to answer.

Matchmaking criteria are still evolving so it’s probably best not to get too hung up on them at this early stage of alliance wars.

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Power Addicts needs desperate help

Please stay open! :slight_smile:

  1. There is a point at which new players joining are excluded from the current war. (They can take part in the next one once they enter a defense team).

  2. Your other players do not have to wait until there are 30 players to participate! Try the feature out and see what you think needs to be done to improve performance for the next war.

Good luck!

Dad: Respectfully, what you are experiencing is not an issue of cheating but one of imbalance (which the Devs are still working on).

I’m happy to leave the thread open for more discussion, but will be changing the name. :slight_smile:

That’s exactly the point - once the alliances are matched, it’s open season for 24 hours on changing your player roster around during the 24 hour prep period. Being matched on one metric and then being able to drastically increase your roster power after matching, while maybe currently allowed by the mechanics, is a complete mockery of competition. It’s cheating in effect if not in name.

Some of it may be inadvertent, like merc’ing alliances with folks out mercing. but the fact of the matter is it very definitely is unfair towards having alliances fairly matched.


This is ridiculous , the opposing team is twice as strong, that’s definitely not a fair match. Hence the massive defeat.
How can this not be cheating.
The opposing team won by nearly tripling the winning score.
And some ppl are saying this is fair ??? :thinking:


I’m really glad that i read petris post cause we face right now one of these pathic alliances and my fellow Allimembers lost completly all the fun. I feel for them and I’m furious about …well Revelates Idea seems to me a way

Evenso it’ll be nice to have an opponent in our range, in similar strengh. & even the devs themselves already emphasized that they will choose opponents based of similar strength and performance of the alliances, so then what do we say about that?

Alliances with 30 gaps in ranking is in no way having similar performance. I’m not whining or hung up over this because we lost but im just telling this is what happened, if this’ a bug please fix it and i hope it won’t happen again or if indeed this is what the direction to AW’ matching opponents, then at least elaborate about that, what do devs take into consideration in matching alliances now, since it’s a lost battle right from the start unless our alliance “cheating” by recruiting some strong mercs to help us closing these huge gap. PvP w ±300 gaps is alr a lot, moreover Alliance scores w 10k+ gaps.

thank you dante. if only maybe devs can change it to be smt like you cant participate in your alliance war if you’re not at least joined that alliance 48hours before the 24day preparation, then it’ll discourage such things to happen again

In my wandering, i get for the first time in war and already suck up in this situation.
The other team (even if i join and raise their power) is much more stronger, and they were already prepare to just get smoked.
It seems it’s spreading quite fast, and the people who really take the worst of that are the most talkative and carefree/enjoyble.

Move the matchmaking after all the people has made their team, really.


I think “a complete mockery of competition” is overstating it - it simply changes the parameters of competition. The two alliances are competing, pre-war, to see who is best at shuffling out their weaker players and hauling in ringers. You’re certainly wrong that it’s “cheating in effect” - there is nothing whatsoever about it that is even the most distant cousin of cheating. Cheating is when you break the rules - no more and no less. This activity falls entirely within the rules.

Having said all this, I think it detracts from the efforts of matchmaking to set up close wars, so I think the rules ought to be changed to proscribe it.