Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

Hello moxy! I have line now , finally , hehe!
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Don’t know what are you doing with the war matchups but it’s not working 1st time it’s ok but 4th time in a row it’s not fun 20000k alliance difference

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Screenshot_20190123-204131 Screenshot_20190123-204122 Screenshot_20190123-204150 Screenshot_20190123-204139 Screenshot_20190123-204113 Screenshot_20190123-204216 Screenshot_20190123-204207 IMG-20190120-WA0007

Don’t understand what is wrong sorry

@Baubau It doesn’t look like your post has any text, just the screenshots, so it’s hard to tell what you’re posting about.

I’m guessing that maybe you’re unhappy with the War Matchup, in which case you’re certainly not alone, as you can see in this rather lengthy thread:

(@Kerridoc @Rook Possible Merge of Topic)

You may want to read a bit about how War Matching works:

Or you may want to read a bit about War Strategy — with good planning, it’s actually quite possible to defeat a team that’s stronger. Our alliance seems to have a bizarre underdog streak where we nearly always have a lower War Score than the other team, but we often win nonetheless, thanks to high participation rates, and some coordination on strategy.

I hope something in all of that helps, and good luck in the War!


Google translate:

How you can fight against them looks at the difference between my alliance and them

@Baubau The official forum language is English, and most people on the forum speak English (and sometimes additional languages) — so please translate your text before posting it so more people can help you. :smiley:

If you prefer to write in Italian, that’s fine too, we can just move your post to #foreign-languages where that’s allowed.

My post up above has links to strategy guides for fighting in War.

Why can’t we have wars in two different categories, one fir invite only alliances and the other for open alliances.

I am in an open alliance and this is the 3 War in a row we have gone against an invite only alliance and we are getting our butts kicked bad. Almost all of the teams are 3500-4100 power teams and since we are open we have newbies that have teams of like 1500 and so.

It’s making people in my alliance not wanting to even compete in the Wars.

@Ugrslice Invite-Only may not mean what you think — anyone can request to join, it just requires any Elder/Co-Leader/Leader to hit a button to let them in.

They’re otherwise identical to Open Alliances.

So I don’t think that is per se the issue.

I think what you’re lamenting isn’t really an issue of the Open/Invite-Only, but rather that the range of strength and team power of your alliance is broad, and the alliances you face in war are more consistently around the same strength.

That’s a legitimate issue. And it makes it hard for newer players to participate enjoyably and effectively, as you noted.

This issue came up in discussion recently, with some suggestions on approaches to strategy for addressing that challenge:

It was also noted there, too, that this is something the matching system could likely do better with:

There’s also a rather lengthy thread discussing poor War matches in general — many of which share characteristics with what you’re describing, i.e. the overall average of the alliances might be the same, but in a one-by-one pairing comparison, they’re more clearly mismatched:

(@Kerridoc @Rook @Coppersky Possible Merge of Topic to Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars)

Ok I didn’t know anyone could join an invite only, I was under the impression that it was basically stacked teams.

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I really try not to complain here on this forum, but this is the issue that my alliance is having right now.
My coleader thinks it’s partly his fault because of being a higher level. Unfortunately, him and i have 6 solid teams and our other players do not. For some reason these past 3 wars, our enemies have all been defensive power as my top 2 teams and his top 2 teams. This means our little guys, who only hit at about 2400 tp not the 3400 that we are fighting across the board are getting discouraged too.
I’m frustrated.

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We’ve had to deal with that too. We have a player with a 4K team, several in the 3200-3700 range, and lots in the 2200-3200 range. And roster depth corresponds with what you’d expect accordingly.

That makes for some weird matchups.

In fact, I’d say it’s safe to say we pretty much never get matched with an alliance that, on face value, appears either weaker than ours, or evenly distributed with our alliance members.

Nonetheless, we win Wars often, solely for two reasons:

  • We tend to use all, or nearly all of our flags, and lots of other alliances don’t. Our points per flag tend to be way lower, but we make up the gap with enthusiasm.

  • We make some effort to coordinate so weaker team members can make the most of their hits. Sure, we still get plenty of whiffs with 0 or few points, but newer players often surprise themselves when they knock out a tank or get a nice cleanup of a damaged team.

Culturally, we’ve tried to encourage it being fun, and enjoying our role as the non-stop underdogs.

It’s frustrating at times, for sure, but I think good teamwork, a positive attitude, and some strategy can all go a long way.


We do win our fair share of wars as well. I guess it’s just tough and frustrating to continuously get put up against those who appear outwardly stronger than us.
We coordinate as best we can and try to strategize how to get the most points total.
Most of our flags get used as well. We tell our smaller players to save a few 1 and 2 stars to at least use th3 flags.

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Members of my alliance are distressed at the alliance war matching we were way out matched in this war there were reports that the health aid was cutting in very fast I had this issue to you have been at this Alliance War part of the game for some time can we not get it right this glitch will drive players away in time

Mismatching number of players
The issue: we are outnumber in almost 40% of all matchings (we have an Excel and are willing to share :wink:) . As a result we do not even have 6-12 flags less, but every of our flags is worth 4-7 points less.
Typically the War-Scores are in the same reagion (380k +/- 10k)
The teams are all TP4100 and above.
The number of players is around 20.
Suggestion: by simply using the opponents number of players to calculate the value of a team this double draw back would be balanced.
Example with 21 vs 20 players:
1500 / 21 is 71* .4 average. 1500/20 is 75 average.

  • Let’s assume each player is able to shoot 4 teams with 6 flags.
  • 21*6 * (4/6) * 75 = 6300
  • 20*6 * (4/6) * 71,4 = 5712.
    So let’s do the check with the opponents number of players.
  • 21*6 * (4/6) * 71,4 = 5998 (must be rounded to 6000 of course)
  • 20*6 * (4/6) * 75 = 6000.
    And suddenly equally strong teams with equal results have equal scores.

Any chance to discuss this in the announced meeting @Petri; @Kerridoc?
Simple question: can we please fix the war matching?

I made a ticket for this problem.
The answer was the next :

"Thank you for your message.

In the Alliance Wars, each Alliance is assigned the same amount of points. These points are divided among all teams on the field based on defense team power.

The number of points available for each team can be seen by selecting them on the battlefield and pushing the ‘Info’ button.

The War Player Info shows the ‘Current available points’ for that team and Bonus points available for Victory.

Please note, the number of points assigned to teams of similar powers may vary between alliances, based on team powers of the other alliance members.

There are currently no known issues or bugs in the game related to this problem.

In general, technical issues affecting the game are not limited to a single account, but if there were a bug, it would affect a significant amount of accounts. In these cases, the issues are noticed quickly by both our team and our players, who report them to us through the Forum and Support System."
(posted by “Jo”).

There is an easy way to solve this unfair situation :
When the system calculates the points, it starts by summing (sum_pv) the health points of all the alliance teams engaged in the war (with the troop bonus).
The point value of each team is then calculated by
1500 / sum_pv * (health point of the team).
For the calculation of the points of war is fair, it is enough to modify the number sum_pv by multiplying it by the number of adverse participants and dividing it by the number of participants in his own alliance. Thus, the total of points that will be able to obtain each team will be identical. And if the two alliances have the same number of teams, this calculation does not change anything.

Example :
Alliance 1 - 10 teams in war - Total PV : 52000 (about 5200 health points per team)
Alliance 2 - 9 teams in war - Total PV : 47700 (about 5300 health points per team)

Currently, the system works like this (if all the teams of the alliance are the same) :

  • Average value of each team for the alliance 1 : 1500/52000*5200 = 150 points
  • Average value of each team for the alliance 2 : 1500/477005300 = 167 points
    The alliance 1 have 10
    6 = 60 strikes for this war, so she can score in total 60167=10020 points
    The alliance 2 have 9
    6 = 54 strikes for this war, so she can score in total 54*150=8100 points

If SG modifies the calculation with the ratio of the number of team, the calculation will be the following one :

  • Average value of each team for the alliance 1 : 1500/(52000*9/10)*5200 = 167 points
  • Average value of each team for the alliance 2 : 1500/(4770010/9)5300 = 150 points
    The alliance 1 have 10
    6 = 60 strikes for this war, so she can score in total 60
    150=9000 points
    The alliance 2 have 96 = 54 strikes for this war, so she can score in total 54167=9000 points

This is the only way to balance wars in which the number of opponents is different.

Thanks for sharing! The answer to your ticket shows that the support person on SG end, didn’t understand the issue. No offense, they have a lot to do and those support jobs are stressful.

As you tried to explain (and I did in my posting) it’s about a fair calculation between the two alliances and not how the points are distributed within the alliance.

Let’s hope that some day somebody from SG reads this and understands the pain.
Certainly we would have lost some of those unbalanced wars also with the proposed calculation, which is fair enough, but losing wars simply because of a flawed logic is frustrating.

Next war, next stupid matching. The opponent has 12 flags more, our teams are worth 100 points, there’s 90.
As you see by the numbers we have only 15 people fighting this time, because more and more are opting out because SG is simply not able to fix this.
@Petri can you please check this with the dev team?

I was in a war, 2 vs 5. But the opponent wasn’t really weak. Had decent defenses and low participation. They only bothered to have the two best guys hitting and scoring big points.

Latest result added to this insanity:
Flags: we 90, they 102
Average value of a team: we 100, they 88
Average pts per flag achieved: we 59.2, they 52.5
We lost by 29 points.
You need a lot of extremely weird logic to explain how this can be considered a fair result

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