Unfair Matches in Alliance Wars

Dear sirs,
Just to inform you, there is cheating going on in alliance wars. We are about to face a team that moved some of there members into another alliance so they could recruit mercenaries for the war. This should not be allowed. I am the leader of four alliances Realm of Chaos 1,2,3 & 4. I think this is a very bad way to play this game. If this continues our alliances will no longer participate in your wars. Please fix this because all of our members love this game and consider this bull.
Thanks for your time. Leader dad


Be very careful on using the word “cheating”.

While many agree that as it is there’s the chance that some alliances take advantage of the current system, “cheating” means go against the rules, and thats not the case here.

What’s more, alliances that kick out part of the regulars just to enlist everytime mercs, most probably doesn’t last long in this game or can’t refill the team quickly once mercs leave, especially with the alliance research broken.

Play the same and try to win, mercs don’t do everytime miracles :wink:


Exactly what @Elpis said. You may disapprove of the behaviour you describe, but it is entirely within the rules. It’s a bit rude, and certainly inaccurate, to describe it as “cheating”.

Call it what you will, but I will not kick members just to win at this. After all it’s just a game and if you have to do this sort of thing you’re not a very honorable person . Sorry but everyone has their own definition of cheating and if you look the word up in the dictionary there is 7 different definitions. Didn’t mean to offend but it is what it is. Play fair or don’t play at all


Our alliance doesn’t do what you describe: we are full and we don’t use mercs. But playing within the rules of the game to maximise your chance of winning in no way makes anyone “not a very honorable person”. What they are doing is perfectly fair, clever and likely effective.

You’re welcome to disapprove, but as they say: don’t hate the player, hate the game. By all means come here to tell devs they need to change the rules. (I think I would agree with you.) But don’t talk about “cheating” or “honorable” behaviour. It makes you seem petty and undermines your case.


I don’t know if its clever or unfair but we face the same…our opponent reduced the players to 27 were most of them above the strengh of our best ones…we will see how it goes
(of course they have a second ally)

Fair enough the message was mainly for the devas but they don’t care about anything but money it seems! Cheers. And stop playing word games everyone in the world is not a professor or a genius. If you don’t like the post don’t read it.


Thank you for the feedback. We do care and this is something we are aware of and considering here - please do note that this is a brand new feature which we’ll be adjusting further.


Thank you Petri. I appreciate your input.

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Same thing happened to us on the first one, but it looks like they will now work on it. Thanks @Petri!

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Maybe it’s not question here but we have a few place in alliance and what will happen when someone just came in during the war?? Can he join??

i’m not sure, but i think you need a defense team to attack, so if you join during the war, you can’t attack.

So we must close alliance for war?? Or do for invite?? We have open always that why I asking :slight_smile:

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You can keep your alliance open all times, but if new members come in after the 24-hr defence building period they probably won’t be able to participate, as that is mandatory for Alliance Wars.


Well, if some don’t want to call it “cheating” then call it “exploiting”. In the end it’s the same, as the war is intended to be a fight of alliances with similar strengths. So, yeah … it’s unfair and shows an dishonorable character if those alliances and members who make themselves weaker as they truly are before matching is done.


There are going to be many ways in which people exploit the matching system. I’ve already heard of several, and we are only a week into it. People will always look for advantages in competitions.

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I can’t believe the conversation so quickly devolved into a complaint about word choice. I agree with the OP that those tactics were not intended by the devs and therefore they were exploiting a loophole. I would call it cheating as well, but whether you call it that, or exploiting, or gaming the system, or whatever, it doesn’t matter one bit. It’s a d i c k move no matter how you look at it and it shouldn’t be allowed.


A simple and very effective solution could be the one already suggested in another topic (can’t recall which one but i do believe Revelate suggested it. Soryy if I’m wrong)

Do the matchmaking AFTER the preparation phase.

Linear, simple and logic to me


Word choice matters. If you characterise changing alliance members as “cheating” or “dishonourable” or a “d i c k move” then you’re making a moral judgement about the character of players who are, after all, playing the game in exactly the way it was built to be played. It makes your complaint seem childish and resentful.

But there is a real issue here that should probably be addressed: alliance matching, however it is effected, is undermined if alliances’ compositions are changed before the war starts. There’s not really any point in any system of matching, if it can immediately be rendered outdated. Few wars will be close.

That has nothing to do with any moral judgement, and the judgements rendered above are beyond weak. I salute alliances who juggle their members to gain an advantage when their wars start. (Like the alliance we are getting squashed by right now.) Their actions are smart, organised, are likely to bring greater rewards to their members, and hurt nobody.

Just do not allow people that join the alliance after the initial 24 hour countdown to take part in the current battle. Simple and clear.