Unfair gems when you double or triple on heros

Oh how so? Imaginary kittens = rigged? :flushed:

Recently, I have been stacking 5 of the same color. I have seen many starting boards with 2 or 3 of that color. I have also seen many boards with several of that color, and everything in between.
I recently did a war attack, stacking 5 purple heroes, and started with 3 purple tiles, which I eventually got to match. Throughout the match, I saw 6 purple tiles total, before being defeated (just the first 3 matched).

Is the starting board straight up random (minus the no matching tiles)? Maybe

Is it random, with conditions? Probably

Sometimes I start with a bad board, but end up with matches after clearing some.

Will I continue to stack colors to some extent, regardless? Yes. It’s fun watching the tank die from 3 tiles :laughing:

I will try to screenshot the next 50 or so, or maybe not. My decision will be random!

Well, this doesn’t do much for the “it’s rigged” votes. These are my last 7 (far from 50, but cut me some slack) :laughing:


That’s not true at all I play my missing colors all the time and the board shifts your damage tiles to the opposite side of the board and leaves you with nothing to finish off your opponent I’ve been beaten with 3 hero’s remaining by an opponents 1 hero because the board would not generate damage tiles this isn’t bad luck it’s intentional because the entire matching system for this game is crap devs are more concerned about it looking flashy and generating more money then they are about actual game play there’s a reason why this app doesn’t appear in the top 100 apps the money and new players are drying up and people are starting to bail

A pity I did not film it. My first war encounter I did not take a green hero. Made 3 green diamonds. They just kepton coming. Result, I made 1 point.

I constantly raid with only stacked blues and stacked purple, vs red and yellow tanks, respectively… I have noticed that I win 1 out of 6 flags on average because of the non-existent tile matches… My own observation and its hella frustrating!!! There is definitely some merit to this argument of yours @Branwen

Confirmation bias is a wonderful thing


It’s usual and happens a lot… I get mad many times too but let’s imagine if it wasn’t like that… no one would lose a raid on offense!
I got so mad I started using rainbow teams, so I always get tiles from some hero. It’s just NOT ENOUGH! I face players with more than 2500~2600 trophies and without stacking colors it’s useless unless those incredible boards that make combo after combo (less than 4%).

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Okay so now I have 101 raids. Just to repeat the control is:
3 purple, 1 green, 1 yellow always against a Yellow tank with higher cups than me.

B : 7.059406
G : 7.009901
P : 6.643564
R : 7.19802
y : 7.089109

Number of times tiles are less than 7
B : 43
G : 39
P : 47
R : 41
Y : 42

Number of times the tiles are more than 7
B : 38
G : 41
P : 31
R : 45
Y : 42

Thoughts on this now @brobb?

I know I’m not Brobb (or a moderator :smile:) but here’s my take on it:

That second set of numbers looks like a significant improvement in tile distribution over the first set, and the averages for all colors seem to be trending toward 7 with increasing sample size. To me, that suggests that there’s no bias toward any particular color. I suspect that further data collection will reinforce that conclusion.

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Just so you know the last 20 raids have averaged 6.44 so it’s trending back down. :wink:

When using a double color I didn’t notice much difference.
But when using a triple color, it consistently gives boards where there are almost no gems of that color. But I assume that was just bad luck.

Just bad luck and eye-tunnel vision. Our brains set on what we want first, not what we can make happen after moving one or two rows.

I’ve started a thread about this as well. Brobb suggested someone note 100, that would be a start. I posted at 300 recorded, continuos raids. He said that wasn’t enough. As of this morning I’ve kept notes on 500 continuous raids in the diamond arena(except once in a while I drop to >2400 cups). I’m not keeping track of tile drops because I find them (with no data) to be fair and consistently random. My info is solely based on the amount of tiles on the opening screen. That number after 500, not 300 or 100 or random ones that fit my criteria, but every single one: 4.39. 500 raids 2195 of the color I load up on. At what point should I stop? Not sure but I keep my notebook with my game, and I will continue with the numbers game.

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Tbqh, I believe 1k is the safe number to presume randomness is already regressing and/or progressing to the mean.

I’d love to see your results after 1k.

Look at this crap board, there are only 2 yellow. 2 jeez

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