Unfair Games Rules or a Is this a Glitch Bug

1 Is this a glitch I am continually getting the same heroes whether or not I buy it or not If I’m buying why can’t I pick instead of getting a random same heroes really it’s unfair and a rip off my entire team says this If we spend money or saved emeralds why give me the same thing as if I daily spent. This is a serious issue. 2 unfairness of the Alliance Boards? Really? 3. Upgraded to Level 20 it opened up food and iron no training no new surprises Why Bother it’s nothing Great at all I don’t get not one extra advantage Nothing Really

@Almeida 's excellent explanation will help you with an understanding of how hero summons work

What exactly is a Gacha? (Read before posting things about "unfair pulls")

And if you upgrade your training camp to 20 and research lvl 20…you have a chance of training 5* heroes for free.

Bear in mind that the odds are about 5% for a 5*.

Actually, for summon sessions, supposedly, it’s around 3%. 5% is for TC20

Are you talking about trainer level 20 or Stronghold 20?

  1. I’m not sure which glitch you are seeing. Could you please describe more fully, or use screenshots? Truly random Summons means you can get any card…including the same one, over and over.

  2. “Unfairness of Alliance boards”…again, not enough information here to answer you.

  3. Have you upgraded your Training Camp to lvl 20, or only your Stronghold? It is your Training Camp you want to level. The average percentage for 5* heroes at a TC20 is 5%. My current 5* percentage is 2%, but I know others with better percentages…it’s all averaged.

I happen to Agree it is unfair to pay money and continue pulling 3* or the same heroes every time this is wrong on every level

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