For eleven games in a row despite strong characters, I can’t get one special move out while the enemy gets all 5 after the initial front first move player PLUS you give me no colour options to allow even one move before games over so that isn’t bad luck that’s someone rigging my games making me buy more raid energy for NOTHING and I refuse to buy another thing until it’s put right other than alliance wars . This is seriously spoiling my game when the game is to being played with an unfair advantage for the enemy whether they are lower or higher than you .

@Patience-Mich63 doesn’t seem too patient.


Feel your pain! Some bad day, i lost 5,6 raid in a row and realized myself was too lazy for changing raid team, especially mono or 4,1 format, where the board start to bad leading to a lose when enemy set their skill.

To me, it’s just a lousy board today.

Like today for me. Crashed out of war totally. One flag had such a terrible board that my fast 3-2 team couldn’t even activate before enemy team took me out. And that enemy team was a mix fast/Ave team.

Just one of those days.

Maybe you should try logging out when it’s more than 3 2-3 raid losses in a row. Return to the game later. That helps sometimes.

Yes you are right. They chose you. You alone! Then they infiltrated your account. And manipulated your individual win rate. Because you have patience in your name. Then they thought, “He’s patient! We can do it!” And what for? Of course to earn more money! Because the amount of work for the individual account manipulation is more than compensated by your immense additional expenses! It’s definitely not your play style. Or just bad luck. I know that! The aliens told me! Believe me!!!