Unfair event loot for lower level players!

Why don’t the game creators make the loot for completing the levels more fair for everyone. Instead of giving out multiple prizes for completing the 10 levels of each category (rare, epic, & legendary), why not give a nice ascension item for each level of each category completed? That would be more fair to the players that spend more time than all of the super powerhouse players that just zip through the event. It is much harder for us lower level players to defeat these monthly events, so most players won’t even try. And some get so frustrated with having to complete the 10 levels to receive an ascension item, that they just quit playing altogether. You should examine how other successful games treat their members (such as “The Walking Dead-No Man’s Land”) That game gives out good loot and prizes to their players constantly, and does not make them wait until the end of an event to receive a good reward. They are rewarded, as they go. Obviously, the farther they go, the better the rewards. So, if you would give an ascension item for each battle, you would definitely get more interest in the event and the game itself. I myself was very disappointed in this latest event with the super powered red hood that was added. I struggled through it, and made it to the very last legendary battle, only to be shut out by the ridiculously hard boss lineup. So, all of those hours spent just beating all of those previous 9 levels, and nothing to show for it…not a single ascension item. You are catering to the strong players, and that is so discriminatory to the rest of us…Please make it fair, and let us get some loot for our long and hard game playing time!

They wouldn’t really be making money then. People spend gems to get energy refill to continue battling or redoing a stage. Also, sometimes you do get an ascension item when you finish a stage. sword & scabbard are ascension items. I do see your point though. I think it should be changed so that the top Same player can’t get all the prizes in all the tiers cause I’m seeing a LOT of that crap. Which leaves everyone else trying to fight for top 300 or 3000 in the dust!

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I am not talking about the normal ascension items that you can get everyday doing the provinces. I am talking about the items that can only be received by completing these special events. If these items were spread out through the levels, people would play more and try harder to get these rewards. No money would be lost. More money would be made, because the players would push harder to get that next item that might only be 1 battle away, not 10 battles away. That just causes more people to quit trying, or not even bother to attempt the event. As game creators, I would think you would want to make more money, not lose more money. Put this idea into effect in your game, and you will increase the money coming in!

I see the point. I did not even bother with the rare competition because the tier completion rewards were not worth the hassle.