Unfair Emblem Assignment?

Unless I misunderstood I was understanding that you could only go down one side of the hero tree or the other. That would mean that your total for the number of times would be 4. I recently upgraded Bane to where he has a 3 on top of his chevron. 4 would be the max to my understanding. Just finished a raid where the opponent’s Bane had a 7 on top of the chevron. How can this be? Not complaining nor whinning…just trying to understand what I missed.

Not to ask what may be a stupid question…but have you scrolled down the Talent Grid? There are 20 nodes along the way.


There are a total of 20 nodes. Once you complete the fourth you will see the tree continuing. I think you can also pull down and follow it before then


Thank you. I appreciate the info. Sometimes I overlook things. Have a great day!


Thanks for responding…I did not realise this. That is why I like the forum…answers to things I overlook. Have a great day!

Also, in my humble opinion the only stupid questions are the ones not asked.lol


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