Unfair Atlantis

The Atlantis rise is amazing!!

The only concern I have is that people who didnt finished the levels can cheaper complete them and get extra loot and even make chance to get extra coins.

Maybe make the atlantis rise advantages possibl
e when you already completed the level and not when you didnt completed it yet.

I think lots of players made a whole effort to complete the levels.

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I completed 10 levels on hard today. Got 4 extra coins. That’s not worth it, I wouldn’t waste my time and energy for 4 crappy coins :joy:

The extra coins is not my biggest concern but you could completed this levels with less WE and more loot. I think it needs to be possible after you completed the level

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Hmm, I do see your point. I spent a massive amount of WE with regular loot to finish Atlantis on hard prior to this.

I dont see your point.

You finished S2 for normal energy cost and loot.

You can now farm everey level you want to get the same stuff the player gets who uses Atlantis rises to finish S2.

So where is your problem? :smile:


I don’t understand this type of resentment. It’s like a fire sale. Same fun for everyone - no matter what your budget is.


I think new players are making the same effort old players made to complete Atlantis so they deserve the “cheaper extra loot”.

I don’t understand your concerns to be honest. Everybody is getting the same chance to get extra coins.


You can do those stages again, and with loot tickets, unlike the players who haven’t completed them. I don’t see the problem either.

And it’s not like new players can beat the hard mode stages anyways, let alone most of the stages past province 9 on normal difficulty.


Imagine going to the pizza place and saying

"I bought a pizza for $10 last month and now this guy’s buying um on sale for $5 this weekend, I don’t think that’s fair!

“sir you can also buy pizza’s for $5 this weekend”.

“That’s not the point!”

Feels a little bit like that…


It’s not fair when someone does 4 pulls and gets Hel, Proteus, Gravemaker and Wilbur while the guy that did 120 pulls got Chochin, Gill-Ra and 3 Margaret’s with a boat load of feeders. I’m just working on leveling my 4* rainbow teams for AW.

Everyone wins with Atlantis Rising. I’m loaded down with recruits and materials. It’s saved me months of farming!! Why would I care what a new player is using in WE to complete a level?


Personally, I’m really glad I was already done with Atlantis before Atlantis Rises, so I can just focus on farming during it.

If other players choose to use the WE discounts to work on finishing Atlantis Stages they haven’t beaten yet, I have no problem with that at all. And I’m not bothered that I spent more WE to finish those Stages before, since I get to farm more now.

I almost can’t believe how many backpacks, Rugged Clothes, and crafting ingredients I’ve gotten already.

It’s hugely boosting my Training Camp output to the point where I’m now running 2xtc2, and I did an 8+ hour burn on tc19.


@zephyr1, my TC11’s are up to 145 days. I’m running out of places to put recruits :joy: plus I’m pretty well stocked in everything I was low in on Thursday!! I love it!!


Before it ends I’m going to use every WE flask I have (which is only like 6 more at this point) cause you just never know if they will change it. 3 less WE and 50% loot, its hard to imagine a better use for those flasks.


As a person who finished season 2 only few hours after the last provinces was released and i burned most of my flasks to do that
Am really glad i did
Now am focusing on farming but mainly to finish all season 2 mission
Am farming like crazy i stocked up on everything i used up all my loot tickets and many flasks
I have TC2 running on 3 camps non stop
Cant remember when i did that the last time
Got muggy and he is maxed now thx to that as well + got several other 4* maxed and 5* to level 70 (they were on their way but things got much faster)
My target this atlantis is to finish killing 250 bosses but there is a big chance i wont be able to as i dont have flasks any more and am half way there 125/250


I agree this is great. A tonne of recruits, backpacks and crafting items not to mention the experience. I see this as a great way to level some heroes quicker and farm less the rest of the month. This changes the game plan to saving W/E for this and managing resources for titans and leveling.


@Texas1970, couldn’t agree anymore!! This is something I’m going to look forward to. Screw the disappointment of the summons!! I’m going to be a farming monster!

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In 2 days I added 8/days on tc2 and 50 days on tc11. The crafting items…lol. I’m not letting up on the cookies til mom slaps the hands!! Lol

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My TC11 is now up to 152 days. I have a 2-TC 2’s with 80+ feeders cooking. That’s since yesterday!!

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I know… honestly wish I had the 1600 gems I spent back to by WE refills lol! (I wasn’t one of the lucky ones!)


I’m very, very happy gal training camps humming, im actually food poor!! Going to look forward to this every month. Still salty about my 10 pull of all 3* s but that just means more feeders. I’m wishing i had more WE flasks, but now we know!


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