Unfair alliance war tactic-1 hero teams

Many alliances have started fielding 1 hero teams in alliance wars to limit the number of points the opposing team can get. Makes it not fun to play! Can players either be forced to field a full team with 5 heroes, or set a minimum number of points for defeating a team, regardless of how many heroes are in it?


It does not limit the number of points. The stronger teams give more points in return, an alliance is always worth 2000 points in total.

There has been extensive conversation about this around the forum, I suggest you look for those threads. :slight_smile:


Easy win for your alliance

You have no idea how points work in alliance wars and your complaint is invalid. I’ll give you a quick tutorial. For simplicity’s sake, say an alliance has 5 teams. They are worth a combined 2000 points. (That’s how it is right now on live, every alliance is worth 2000 points, from 7 days departed to dead alliances with 3 members). If all 5 teams are equal health, they are worth 400 points each. Now if 4 of them run 1 hero defenses with team same hero, they may each be worth 25 points, but that makes the 5th team worth 1900 points! So you ignore the 1 hero defense teams, and kill the full one. Tada! You win! If this defense strategy is beating you, I don’t know what to say… well I do I just can’t because I like posting here.

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Just because he doesn’t understand the points doesn’t invalidate this part of the complaint “Makes it not fun to play!”. Nobody wants to level their heroes only for half the alliance to have to spend flags wiping out no-contest 1 hero teams.

But this will be gone soon.


Yea! People who don’t understand the points should have fun, too! :wink:


It has nothing to do with understanding points, it has to with being able to attack a defense that provides a legitimate challenge.


But it has to do with understanding points. It has been deemed unfair, not that there’s not a challenge.