Unexplainable Hugh cup drop (which turned out to reset itself, but still)

Something very strange just happened. I was doing raids and things were going nicely, so after using up my flags, I used a flask and I proceeded on. I saw my cups climb up gradually to 2761, then won 30+ cups from another raid. I then quit and that’s were this turned absurd. I got the message that one person took revenge. I was online, but I know how how this works. The weird and bad thing was, that I had dropped back to 2617 cups. How is THAT possible?

After writing this I went to check on the game one more time. Somebody attacked me, -40 cups and now it says 2754 cups. So no harm done in the end, but it was definitely very confusing.

I would say that maybe someone attacked you before you started your raids, but the information just popped up after you have finished.

Maybe you can estimate if this could be possible based on the cups before you started your raids?

Or you have reached the Top100 sometime between your raids, let’s say with 2655 cups and someone directly revanged, so the calculation after the revange was separately from the cups you had won in the meantime.

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The first one, without a doubt. But the fact that I was attacked was not the issue. The issue was that it seemed that because of that attack, I dropped from around 2800 cups to 2617. That’s over 180 cups lost!

I’ve done some digging, 2617 was my cup score after this attack. The game completely disregarded the fact that I climbed on up to around 2800 after that. And It wasn’t just in the message, my cups were indicated as 2617 everywhere. The raids screen, the high scores list… My cup score was corrected as I received the next message that I was attacked. That attack happened after I did all my raids. So no harm done (apart from the fact that I never got to actually see myself as second in the local list where I deserved to be, but well…), but it’s really very confusing indeed!

congrats on getting to second in your local :+1:, I got quite high in my local too it is werid that my mini could see it but my main couldnt at the time. I guess it could be a your still using your device and it doesn’t register it until you log out or have to wait a bit for it to be seen. But you know once you log out yall gonna get raided. Haha. It’s just a time delay

Thanks! Yes I know about this refreshing problem. But this wasn’t the problem this time, the game assumed that my score was a non local list worthy 2617 in stead of around 2800 and only corrected this after I lost 40 cups or so from the next person attacking me.

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