Unexpected change of Egypt cleansing passive in v. 55

70% chance to perform the following actions when this character casts their Special Skill

  • Boosts health of all allies by 10%. Boosted health can exceed max HP.
  • Cleanses the latest cleansable status ailments from all allies.

Before v. 55, when your charged TA was under Mindless Attack and there was an Egyptian with this passive in the left corner (for example, Faiez), with mana drop Faiez could activate passive and all heroes to the right of him were ready to fire skills.

Video “before”:

After update on v.55, all charged heroes under MA drop mana in the same time with cleansing Egyptian:
They stand cleansed, but without mana.
Got used to previous interaction, I got an unpleasant surprise and failed attack in VF war. My allies also suffered from it in tournament March 5 - March 9.

There was no mention about this change in release notes, so I regard it as bug. And I also found a case which shows that only this passive is “spoiled”. In other type of passive (Milena) old cycle (MA1 + passive 1, MA 2 + passive 2, etc) is still saved:

Azmia got mana boost from Milena, mindless attack on her was triggered because of order from left to right.
We also can see here that Boar dropped mana after Milena’s passive, because he didn’t get 10% mana.

Screenshots and videos are captured in v. 55, I also have checked Faiez&Co in v. 56, issue is still actual.

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@PlayForFun, strongly wait for your reaction, especially in this theme and theme about Kalø :pray:

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Thanks for bringing it up I noticed that in last rush war too.

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I can forward it to Staff


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