Uneven leveling

What? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


If you will now the actual att/deff after switch troops. You should use it in action, so maybe you can try it to use in S1: 8-7, and see the total of att/def/hp by tapping both kelile (one by one).

I believe the OP wanted to draw attention to how the level 4 hero had more “power” than the level 7 hero (321 to 320).

I guess this must be due to improving the special?


oh well, @Sidhekin correct guess! Special skill it is of course! Solved!

But the real question… any reason you’re leveling the same hero at the same time?

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Did one of them get a special skill level up, and the other didn’t?

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A note, special skill level up is 5 power.

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The one on the left is 3 levels higher, which typically accounts for 3-5, points of ‘power.’ In this case, I bet it’s 4.

The one on the right is getting +5 from the special skill up, putting her 1 point above the 3-level higher copy.

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