Uneven alliance war

I don’t know why the idea of using the titan score as a means to match alliances in the alliance war. The match up I have is way off in regards to team power and level. I have 15 members in my alliance 6 of which is level 12 or above our total score is 8484 we are matched with a 20 member team all of which is above level 20 their total score is 29,792 . This is their alliance .

Here is my alliance.

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Well then, hang tight, matchmaking is going to change. This is from Beta:

"Matchmaking is now based on :

  • power of the strongest heroes in hero roster of each player
  • player count of the alliance


No mention of titan score.

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@kahree, finally!! I think we have all dealt with these type of “advantageous” alliances. It has finally become such a problem that SG is doing something about it. @Cmurnahan, hang in there buddy.

I believe it should be player count of the ones that are able to participate in the alliance wars. I started my alliance to help new players learn the game. So most of my members are below level 12.

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Good point! Let’s hope they’ve thought of that, or that they read the forum (they said they do…:slight_smile: ).

Yeah, but I don’t think it’s all heroes, which if they’re skimming off the top it will still not be accurate as many have spent all their efforts on their top 5 heroes. Which is exactly why I keep insisting that they build a strong core before spending all of their effort on the top 5…In any event, this might be a more sound match making than titan score alone…We’ll just have to wait and see…

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