Unemblemed Joon

This is my current DEF Team: SESHAT+8 / ONATEL+9 / KUNCHEN+8 / THORNE+7 / AZLAR+7

It keeps me around 2550 cups per-night :wink:

Could my newly maxed and unemblemed JOON (WU has all my monk-emblems…now I’ve raised my MIKI to 3.70…) enter in this team in a significant way for you? :thinking:

Thanx for your suggestions!

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I have him in my Def sometimes but never hugely happy with it.

He’s a great attacker, but super soft at that level. I’m normally glad to see him on a Def team because a few decent purple tiles see him off.


It was my thought too…uff…:pensive:

My Wu works fine on 11* titans without emblems. Have you considered switching them?

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I fight 8*/9* Titans now…mmmh…do you really think I could switch them to Joon? My Wu is +20: I could take him to +8 I think…and for Titans my Miki works fine as well :thinking:

I would… Almost every 5* is better than Thorne.


I’d leave Onatel in rather than sub in Joon. She’s a very solid flank defender.

@Scarecrow Oh, it didn’t even occur to me to put joon on right flank. That would be interesting to try.

I wouldn’t move emblems off Wu. That’s expensive (food/iron). But I would start putting new ones on Joon.

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Joon is an excellent attacker but even with emblems he is no Onatel. For defense she is better. I use him on defense in diamond keeping me just below 2600 overnight but if I had Onatel I would use her in a minute.

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Well, Imo is the best strategy with 2 flanks of opposite color. Likely the opponent will attack with a stack of the same color.

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@Yayo I use Miki 3/70 now for all titans even though I have Tarlak and Ranvir.

I was going to suggest X onatel kunchen joon X defense. Sure you lose Seshat (in my case I’m losing kage) but that’ll make kunchen even more difficult to take out.

I dislike slow heroes on the wings other than alby and MN.
Any other color fast snipers would be worth testing out.
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