“Undo” for heroes


I would really like a feature that allows me to “undo” the ascension of a hero. … have you ever spent (lots of) time, effort, precious materials and whatnot to ascend an hero telling yourself “he needs to be higher before he can really shine”… only to find out he/she just never will?
I would like the opportunity to just demote him/her and recover my precious materials.
Maybe lock the hero for a long time or even forever after the demotion so you cannot “play games” and shuffle one set of materials around as needed. But PLEASE give me a chance for redemption when I realize I totally screwed up (all allusions to guardian owl are purely accidental)


This is a feature I’ve thought about a few times, admittedly due to my own reckless stupidity. Sometimes I forget to favorite certain 3* heroes (and once or twice it has been a 4* and 5*) and they end up being spinach for my in-progress heroes. And then I realize what I’ve done. And I sulk in shame for a few hours. I understand that an undo feature might be a little much, but I’d be okay if it came with a penalty for using it—perhaps maybe a small amount of gems to undo your most recent level up.