“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats


I would really like a feature that allows me to “undo” the ascension of a hero. … have you ever spent (lots of) time, effort, precious materials and whatnot to ascend an hero telling yourself “he needs to be higher before he can really shine”… only to find out he/she just never will?
I would like the opportunity to just demote him/her and recover my precious materials.
Maybe lock the hero for a long time or even forever after the demotion so you cannot “play games” and shuffle one set of materials around as needed. But PLEASE give me a chance for redemption when I realize I totally screwed up (all allusions to guardian owl are purely accidental)

Hero Deconstruction

This is a feature I’ve thought about a few times, admittedly due to my own reckless stupidity. Sometimes I forget to favorite certain 3* heroes (and once or twice it has been a 4* and 5*) and they end up being spinach for my in-progress heroes. And then I realize what I’ve done. And I sulk in shame for a few hours. I understand that an undo feature might be a little much, but I’d be okay if it came with a penalty for using it—perhaps maybe a small amount of gems to undo your most recent level up.


With very very limited 4* ascension materials and you will never know what 5* heroes you get in the future, I hope there is an option to revert back ascended hero to his/her former stage and get the ascension materials back so we can use them for the new heroes.


I like it… imagine how hard it would be to hit the “undo” button on a fully leveled 5* thinking about the hams and feeder heroes needed to get the 173,484 needed experience to go to level 80. But I would do it to swap Sartana 4/80 to 3/70 to get a Panther from 3/70 to 4/80!


Yes the undo or revert back option will cost players dearly but a good price to pay when given other much better hero. Though i would not trade 4/80 sartana for 4/01 panther tempting as it is lol. I love my sartana and will wait for panther. What i am torn now is between toth amun and aeron. I wish i could try it out first which one will be better!


I am surprised that this idea did not get more traction… well i suppose that it is time to un-vote so I can turn my attention elsewhere.


Well they have the undo for talents… so why not!


@zephyr1 @Rook et al possible merge here? Ability to reverse an escalation of a character


@LadyAnesthesia These appear to be two related but notably different suggestions.

This one is requesting the ability to undo an ascension and get back mats. The other one you linked is asking to be able to undo accidental feedings to recover the hero used for feeding.

I think they’re different enough to leave separate. :slight_smile:

But I’m going to edit the titles to make it clearer.


thanks for taking a look @zephyr1! got to keep you busy in your new moderator role :grinning:


I’m actually surprised that a “reset and return mats” token hasn’t been introduced into the game yet. SGG could even offer them for sale to the extent they’d ever worry about lost income due to “already” purchased ascension mats being recycled. But the fact remains, until G. Owl gets a huge buff, everyone who’s fed him orbs is going to regret it!


I think it’s been suggested elsewhere, but the equivalent of a Reset Emblem would be great. Make them very rare drops, with each account gifted one reset.

While the reset would return the ascenion materials to your inventory, it would not return the food or training heroes used, so it would not be a costless reset.


It was actually requested as a present from Santa