“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

Basically a Reset Emblem for ascension mats. I’m on board. There’s a big cost of dropping a hero from 4/80 to 3/70: a huge pile of hams and feeders. Skimming off one of the color-specific mats plus all those hams/feeders would be penalty enough.


Great idea, you have my vote! The only one I think hates this idea is my 4/80 Richard. :laughing:

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Oh, come, Frida+Richard is a powerful combo.

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That’s the issue though! I need the mats to give to Frida, lol

[Stub] Retirement home or disassembling heroes

Retirement home would be a new building with a 96 hour cool down between uses. This cool down cannot be sped up.

For X gems, it would convert any hero X* 1.2 hero, or higher, into the matching X* 1.1 hero, the ascension items used and Y matching color, 1* Trainer heroes. Food used for leveling would be lost.

Hero XP from Y matching color 1* Trainer heroes would be the same as the Hero XP used to level the hero. These 1* Trainer heroes would be stored in the Retirement home until used.

No new hero could be “retired” until all Trainer heroes were removed from the Retirement home.


Retired Kashhrek 4* 4.70 becomes Kashhrek 4* 1.1, along with all ascension items ( including 1x Compass, 1x Fine Gloves and 4x Sturdy Shields ) and Y green 1* Trainer heroes equal to the Hero XP used to level Kashhrek to 4* 4.70 .

Until all green 1* Trainer heroes were removed from the Retirement home, it could not be used to retire another hero.

While the forum is a great resource, especially its list of all possible Classic heroes and help deciding on what hero to level, it is in English and not everyone has the same accessibility. Some way to recover ascension items and Hero XP - one of the scarcest resources for a F2P or C2P user - would go a long way to helping players undo early decisions they made. It is still not giving them access to Athena, Guardian Panther, Alberich, etc. But it allows them to worry less about a bad leveling decision an more about enjoying the community aspects of the game. As an aside, I still think emblem resets should be free, perhaps on a timer.

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For us old-timers here, a great feature would be to have the option of resetting our Ascension materials on older heros so that they could be used on newer heros. Not sure if there’s a thread about this yet.

One big frustration amongst the older folks in our alliance is that we keep getting better and more useful heros, but have, ages ago, used rare materials on heros that are just not as strong anymore. I would propose that we can reset all Ascension materials on any hero. As a consequence all food and iron are lost and the hero from whom the items are being taken reverts back to 1/1. You have to take ALL the materials back, not just the ones you want. Plus, maybe a 100 or 150 gem cost. This seems reasonable, and would seriously please A LOT of people. It would also be super easy to implement.

I would love to see SG give us the choice to sacrifice a hero we max that we never use or aren’t very good to get back the ascension materials we wasted on the hero. In my case I would love to give back a hero like Danzaburo to get back the mats i wasted and be able to use them for someone i really need to ascend like Joon. How do you feel about it guys?


When I saw the topic’s title, I thought of converting unwanted Dawas or Renfelds into ascension materials. :joy:

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I’m willing sacrifice 100 dawa for darts hahaha

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I have been thinking for a while.

Problem lies in what happens to all the heroes used to max these unwanted heroes?

I would suggest something different.

What about … scenario.

I have a mexed Horghall, I take him and sacrifice him to a bare Elkenen and he dissapears and I have a full Elkenen. Basically the sacrifice costs you a 5* hero in this case. Same with 4s and 3s.

Just replying to add my vote to this idea. For once, I searched and found an idea before making a duplicate post. :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t consider this if I was the developer. I don’t think it adds to the game. I understand the frustration of receiving Joon right after you used the items for Leonidas, but that’s a feature of the game. Not a bug.


I definitely love this idea. Especially as someone who maxed Obakan and then received Guardian Panther and Kunchen… The reason I think this would still keep the game balanced is that it takes a long time and a lot of food and heroes to max a 5* hero. I feel that giving up all those heroes, the food, the time all in exchange for a modest gem or rare item cost would be well worth it. For balance, you can’t just drop a 5* to 3/70, you would have to take it all the way back to 1/1. So you would also be out a maxed 5* until you can get the new selection up and running. Even more time and resources consumed. I think it is fair.

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How nice it will be if we can reset the final ascension mats for 5* heros like class emblem :stuck_out_tongue:

Im sure alot had ascended heros because those are the only 5* hero they had during early days and have acquired better heros along the way only to leave them hanging at 3rd tier waiting for ascension mats. Really hoping it will happen 1 day, dont think anyone would complain even if they have to give up the 80 final tier training levels for the reset :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Could SG please concider an option for resetting a hero back one Tier.

Many throughout the game made mistakes in maybe spending their mats on the wrong hero.

I will take myself as an example. I have a maxxed Horghall.

My Zeline, Evelyn etc is standing still as my other greens are already Tier 4.

If we are able to just drop a hero back one tier and in return ONLY receive back the 4*/3*/2* mats it would be a great add to the game. Yes all the ham and heroes that were used to up to 4.80 can be kept as payment penalty.

Its just sad when you did make a mistake early in the game and now sit with something fully leveled that you dont use or want to use.

You could even also recieve a reset token like the emblem one and it could also be rare as that one.

What the token does is drop a hero down only ONE tier and give back the materials that were used to get to that tier. The token will also return emblems spent on the hero and similar to the reset emblem token costs are similar.


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I was just about to create a thread with the exact same request!

I’m surprised there isn’t more talk about this subject, especially with the recent introduction of emblems and emblem reset tokens. I agree, they could use that same concept and keep them rare.

I would even support handing down a big penalty, like having your hero reset all the way back to 1^1, losing all resources except the 4* mats you’ve put in to ascending your hero, a limit on how many times or how often you can use the feature, etc…

I would like to see some more input as well!

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Nice idea, but @Eries idea sounds better in dropping only 1 level.

The only difference is if they have emblem levels on then you would need to use a red emblem first to remove them before you could use a token to reduce that hero by 1 level.

I think your suggestion @Stargasm in completely taking a hero back to basics and lising everything except 4* mats is a little over the top as some players would have spent lots of money in getting them to where they are and I am sure they would not appreciate losing that invested dough.

But I feel this topic does have merit.

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My thinking is that at such a high cost, people would be less likely to abuse it, and it would force people to really consider if it’s worth it. I also say this because I feel like the devs might see this idea as something that could potentially lessen the value of classic heroes, making them nothing more than a stepping stone to better heroes.

That’s just my personal opinion, though, and I could be totally wrong!

Maybe but I think $ might be a more likely reason why this wouldn’t come into play as being able to transfer mats would potentially mean less need to spend for what your wanting.

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What about a system like emblems has? Reset with a penalty available for gems or use a Reset Token. Penalty for gems is only 50% of the mats come back. Token gets all the mats back

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