“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

Thank you for the assessment, but the essence of the idea is as simple as the coin resemble the emblems of the classes for the player.

Suppose I have 4 egir or 3 kageburado, do you think - I want to have a team of 3-4 such heroes? No, because during a raid, I will easily endure a yellow or green mono flower. Therefore, on the contrary, for strong players - now there will be more competition!

Now you can also reset the player and pump over another. Regarding whether it was possible to buy or receive it, I would make it rare, but drop down on the events and chests of Atlantis, and when entering such an update, each of them has 1 such coin …

I’ll take 3 Kages any day!
And the reset coin for talents is pretty rare too, Ive been fortunate enough to get one, but I know plenty of people that haven’t.

Taking into account the pace at which new heroes are introduced, pumping schemes, and other things the game has adopted, we now really need a hero reset coin to pump other heroes …


I would support the idea of getting at least the ascension mats back from a hero. But I cannot support a coin that would automatically allow you to fully level up another hero instantly. That would be too much of a boost to top spenders, if they could just buy newer better heroes and instantly swap out their old ones.


Hi all!
As for me, I will be happy simply with a coin that will return 4* stuff back and put the hero to 3-70. That would be enough. I have Guinevere wich was my first yellow 5* and now after a year I literrally never use it. Even Joon would be more helpful. So if I could return 4* material and use it for more actual hero, it will be great. And it wont affect the balance much or affect positively, unpaying players could update their cards easier.

SG needs monetization, for example, like scales that break the limit, so it should work here, but down and reset the hero to 3.70 with the return of items…

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A bit offtop. Im in IT for 10 years and know good enough that the only aim of each company is revenue. Had no practice in game dev, but some experience in entertainment apps. I think that last imballanced heroes may lead to revenue decrease because all the events except S3, S4 and Ninja are not actual anymore. For me even S3 is loosing actualuty. Im a middle-sending player and have 7 unique 5* S3 heroes and had duplicates within the last two summons. Even if the second Tir might be good, its not interesting to play with the second one. Also im a looser of Ninja summons - no 5* from many attempts. So if i would spend, i would do it in season 4 summons and that will decrease my donations.
All in all - “drop coin” from the topic will be actual for me as a chance to actualise heroes for stronger ones and stimulate to donate more on S4 for stronger heroes that will be easier to upgrade with this “drop coin”

Forget. It’s not profitable for Zynga. You spent your money, got pixels and bytes, Zynga got your money - you are done :slight_smile:

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In a way yes :slight_smile: but i’d prefer to think that I spend my money for fun on breaks between the time when I earn my money :slight_smile: sure, we can argue that there is better ways to relax.

We know how costly it is to level up a legendary or even an epic hero. With the upgraded hero, we use them in wars and battles, however there comes a time, due to new summons, acquisitions of new heroes, new strategies due to the change in game reality, the upgraded hero is kind of forgotten, with an immense amount of resources and time spent on its evolution. I suggest that a compartment be introduced in the hero academy where a hero lv. 80 and another compartment, in which a heroes of lvl. 01 that will receive the evolution of the other. This would make the fights more diversified, stationary heroes would be evolved, and the forgotten ones, without wasting time and resources, exchanged in exchange for souls. The word is renew.

Thank you for your attention.

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Hi. I love this game. I love how the game evolves as new heroes are released and new activities are added. I do not love when existing heroes are negatively changed after release after we invest a LOT of time and resources into a hero. We want and need a hero reset button so that we can decide that when a maxed hero is no longer of use to us in our roster and style of play we can get the ascension materials back, the food and feeders back, the LB materials back and apply those to the hero of our choosing. That way we can adjust to how the game evolves without having to do everything all over again. Doing that is fatiguing and is causing a lot of longtime players to abandon the game and discourages newer players to keep progressing.

I think that would just make the problem even worse. Then everyone would feel they would have to rely on ONLY the best of the best. We’ve got some diversity now simply because of the hardship that is encountered in leveling up new heros. Making aquistion even easier would hasten this.


it is possible to buy everything you need to up our heroes. it is unitil to want to recover the objects

Honestly, I’d like to see 3 more types of reset tokens: one just for ascension mats (usable only on a nonemblemed hero), one for LB mats (just gives back the limit break mats and all the ham and iron, plus trainer heroes), and a total reset (gives back all, ascension, emblems, LB materials, including iron, ham, trainer heroes).

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:thinking:There is a total reset available to staff but I’m not sure it should be put out in the wild. Don’t get me wrong, I have made some mistakes with levelling heroes I wish I had not wasted mats on (Looking at you Clarissa) and would love to get those mats back. However, knowing that I can’t makes me really think about who I should level now. With emblems, for instance, I will give those to whoever as I know I can get them all back. I’m far less reckless with 4* mats and aethers because I know I can’t get them back. Makes the game a little more intresting for me.

Just one gamer’s opinion

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This Total Hero Reset that gives you back ALL the materials including aethers, feeders and food is needed in the game. This is due to all the nerfs/buffs, costumes and other changes in the game that are introduced AFTER one maxes a hero. This allows the player to have more control in their roster and adjust to the game as Small Giant changes it over time. The investment in time and money is not completely wasted and ultimately makes the game much more fun and less stressful.

That is all good but you have to factor in that Small Giant makes changes to heroes well AFTER you have made that decision. That is what has changed things. We are far from the early days of the game when heroes stats and specials were locked in after release.

Oh, I know that, but for me the changes made to those nerfed heroes were not enough that I would not have given them mats… well, maybe with the exception of Telly, but the rest would’ve still got the mats. Maybe it’s just me but the majority of nerfs are not that severe in my opinion.

Each to their own though

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I know its been said many timee before.
With the intro of the Alpha Aether many of us want to reset limit breaks we may not want anymore or it was a mistake that could not be corrected.
With Alphas I almost feel like I should be double limity breaking heros that are already LB or it’s a “waste”. I have the 1 aether needed to double LB Morel, but I’d rather double limit break Adalinda…

I’d rather use Morels Aethers to double Limit break a Adelinda. Im not purchasing more Aethers when I have Limit Broken heros that I’m not using. (It should be as simple as emblem resets)

This is why people want to throw in the towel. Nothings improving from a QOL stand point. These are only improvements that create new offers. A new revenue stream called Alpha Aethers

A reset token would definitely make this implementation alot more palatable , but we all know that would be a loss of income to the gaming company, so i won’t hold my breath on this one .