“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

So I have a lot of heroes but have ascension apprehension every time I go to level a hero if I only have six of the items I need like ring or tonics. I know that the minute I level my b or b+ hero in a certain colour and bring those materials to zero that I will pull a better hero in that same colour only to not be able to level for a few months. This has got to be the easiest thing to take the sting out of having all these underpowered heroes on your roster but won’t hold my breath.

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The dev Q&A made this possibility look extremely unlikely to ever happen

I want to suggest they create a reset token for heroes you have fully ascended but want to get your 4* mats back. For example, what if you wasted 6 rings on Reuben or 6 tabards on Salmon Loki (I did not do this nor do I have him just using as an example) and later realized they weren’t useful heroes or no longer used them. You get Reset mats token and get your 6 (rings/tabards) 4* ascension mats back or 8 if you include Damascus blade and Tome and the hero resets to level 1 or 3-70.

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I am up with getting maybe half of them back? Something. Maybe with a cost of gems?

Waited a long time to pull a 5* purple and pulled Quintus and Obakan. After waiting another long time, I decided to level them. They did help me to get by in the interim. But now the RNG Dark gods have answered and now have about 5 new 5* heroes, that I would rather ascend and would work better in the current meta.

BUT, they are not so terrible that they are not usable.

This gets my vote though.

Soul exchange is coming up, I want to reset some of my fully ascended heroes that I never use anymore to throw them into the exchange, I want those mats back


Just a thought regarding the recent update.
Is there any plans of introducing a “rank down token” or something similar to reset emblem?


Bumping this. With the rate at which new 5 stars are being released and older heroes are being made irrelevant, it would really make sense to have a way to downgrade 4/80 heroes to 3/70 or 1/1 and recover mats. I know SG doesn’t want to do this because they think it would decrease spending on offers that contain ascension items, but I actually think it would increase spending since people would be more inclined to pull for these new heroes. In my view, having a feature like this is a win for both players and SG/Zynga. While it might affect game balance, this game completely lacks balance as is, so I’m not sure it would really make much of a difference on that end.


I wish we could get mats back, you’re absolutely right about all the new heroes, thousands of players will have maxed heroes on the bench that are no longer used.

It would :100: % improve game quality and player happiness.

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