“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

I would be more than happy with being able to retrieve 4* mats than food or anything else. Heck, i wouldn’t even mind paying in some gems to be able to do that

What and where is this IGP?

Ok. So how about a booth you can put 1 maxed hero and 1 unleveled pay some gems and transfer over to new hero?

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Not sure what is “doable” but something along the lines would definitely be much appreciated by everyone

My roster is littered with several B and C grade heroes ascended to the max simply because I didn’t have another didn’t know better, and so many better heroes sitting at 3-70 (example Azlar vs Gefjon or a second Magni vs Cobalt). It would be great to have a reset option like emblems so that one can recover 70% - 80% of 4* ascension items. It doesn’t have to be very cheap maybe 500 gems or so but this would greatly get rid of the frustration of having ascended a dud.


His Mana node is 18 or 19 i believe

Aeron is much better in my opinion

SG / game should work out an option to allow players to reset the nerfed (selective) heroes, so as to free up the mats / food / emblems already invested by us players. This will help make better use of mats / resources instead of keeping the now useless hero in the roster…

Wat do you say?

Is SG listening…?!


@JonahTheBard : I find it funny that you merged my post with general undo post of the past.

My post is not about “undoing” one’s mistake…BUT is very specific to “NERFED” Heroes… where we players should get a reset option to receive back mats and resources which we had invested in that hero that “SG” has made less useable… so that we can use those mats / resources with other heroes from the roster…

Request you to do something, so that my post is NOT lost in the general post of player errors and mistake related post…

Hi @dansing

This idea has been requested many, many times in relation to nerfed heroes (search Telluria Reset to find many obvious results).

Currently, SG have resisted all similar suggestions.

In my experience on the forum, SG will occasionally respond to very large votes on a general point, usually with their own take on it, such as alchemy lab and the upcoming raid practice battles.

As such, combining similar ideas makes a much stronger case than having 20 individual threads with different nuances.

For these reasons, I’ve combined your thread here


This is not the card,I chose to level this barely resembles the hero I leveled. I’d like a vela reset token so I can level thorne instead. Seriously we save for months and do research before using our mats this vela sucks and is completely useless…

Dude, you’re months late on this. This ship has sailed.

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Let’s hope this will be their next building…
There are many heroes that have been useless forever since the company produce more and more new and better heroes…
Haven’t we all updated a hero cause we had noone better at that time and now we have regreted it?
Boss Wolf is my top for start…

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@JonahTheBard : now that makes sense. Thanks :blush:

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Krampas will be next I bet. Why I don’t care if I get him or not.

I am still hoping one day that a reset token to get mats back will happen at some point. Make is super rare or cost gems but make it available.

I would even begrudgingly accept if it completely destroyed the hero to get back the mats. Would be even more punishing. Though I would rather it did not destroy the hero…

… but come onnnnn pl0x implement.


This may be too similar to a (much) earlier thread so apologies if it shouldn’t be posted, but…

Introduce the ability to “retire” heroes. This would involve deleting them permanently from your roster but recovering all ascension materials (plus all/some food and iron?).

As new heroes are introduced and older ones become redundant they become a frustrating pool of effectively wasted resources. This would overcome that issue and encourage players to keep trying for the newer heroes.

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I want to like and vote this X 1 million lol


Apology accepted.

This is an old thread, but it’s regularly suggested so keeps ticking along :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not, but there should be some way to reset a hero and get back the items (even partially) that were used to ascend them. This is not just for 5* heroes, but for all because there are more and more heroes making the older ones in every level, obsolete. Since the developers don’t want to add a proper way to deal with dupes and the ascension material drop rates, maybe they can meet us halfway and just create tokens for us to get AM back from heroes we’ve already maxed.


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