“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

I think it’s a great idea, and one that’s been recommended several times over the last couple years.

Basically a reset token for ascension materials when you regret your decision to give those precious mats to an inferior hero.

Great idea, I’m all in.

It’s necessary at a time where heroes are modified live by the developers.

This would make a great once a year Xmas gift, or anniversary gift. Not something you can buy just a thanks for playing, would go a long way towards E&P nerfing buffing of hero’s post release, All level of players would benefit but especially new and FTP players where decisions on which 5 star to level is crucial. Knowing you had one do over or one I’ll level this hero for now and flip it when I get a good pull would be huge.

Mods do we know if this has ever been discussed By SG? Could you ask and maybe get us a response if it’s even a possibility? Would be much appreciated!

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The request was created 2 years 9 months ago. It’s pretty clear that SG feels nothing for it’s clients. Even when they implement a request they will pervert it by monetising or so that it is effectively worthless or not viable.

This would be a very player-friendly feature, which is probably why SGG will never implement it.

It seems logical on the surface - you can’t unscramble an egg, after all, so you shouldn’t be able to untrain a hero, either. The only thing I can think of to the contrary would be some kind of massive head wound that would make make them forget all their training, but even then you wouldn’t get back all the consumed materials. The compasses would be broken, the gloves torn, the Damascus blades dulled, and the tomes of tactics defaced with obscene doodles in all the margins.

Emblems are a different concept: they are ostensibly given to the hero and can thus be taken away again. I guess they keep them in all the pockets of those warm cloaks, etc.

But at the bottom line, giving you back your hard-won 3* and 4* unfarmables would go directly against SGG’s desire to make you buy MOAR STUFF, and thus would cut into their revenue.

Similar to the Reset Emblem item, it would be epic if there were an option and/or item that allowed you to regress a leveled up hero back down to 1-1 AND regain the used essential ascension items:

(Compass, Fine Gloves, Hidden Blade, Warm Cape, Sturdy Shield, Orb of Magic, Trap Tools, Damascus Blade, Tome of Tactics, Mystic Rings, Farsight Telescope, Mysterious Tonic, Poison Darts, Royal Tabard)

We have all invested in heroes that we no longer use, often because we replaced them with better ones, grew to regret ascending certain heroes, and/or want to rob a hero of items to use on a different hero.

It would be great to be able to reinvest those used items into new heroes.

Please E&P? I’m sure it would be a nice sell, charge card at the ready! :wink:

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I absolutely agree with a reset of ascension materials.

I agree. The game evolve with new heroes, players can evolve their gameplay

Each owner of Telluria and Vela must receive such a token.
Only one image remained of these heroes. People were spending ascension mats on something else entirely. It’s not fair to change heroes to such an extent when people spend money on them and hard-to-find mats.
Stop, honest behavior, does this exactly apply to SG?

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Good idea.
From what i read it seems a lot of people are going to stop spending so much on pulling hero’s. So i think a reset for Mats will not only be very lucrative for SG( damage limitation at the very least) but it will also resolve the main complaint of players and help mend trust.

I think players need to be given a choice, don’t expect people to drop their current tank unless you give them an option to change.

I.e. i may decide to take Tonics from one certain character and give them to Alberich… And go for hitter in middle instead of tank. Come on SG use your noggins

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Give the game an retirement option. A hero can go there and will be removed from the game. A portion of the invested food, iron, ascension materials and emblems will returned as compensation. Like 20% food/iron, 95% emblems and let RNG decide how much mats will be given back. Let say 10 rolls on the unfarmable mats in case of a 5* hero.

Hero Academy has the option for you to “exchange”?

This option will remove the hero totally and will not be replaced.

you want to retire the hero anyway, so removing is not good?

I surmise you are concerned about roster space as well as the mats.

So, you’re going to get some of that through the new reset process. So essentially what you’re asking for here is to sell a fully Ascended Hero “back to the bank” for some number of 4* mats. Yes?

I’m not verymuch concerned about fully resetting a hero,.
I just wanted to have partial emblem reset.
I have full emblem Boril, but now i dont think he need 20, 17 emblem is enough, but with Current rules i should reset him to 0 and start emblem him again untill 17… that’s to much effort.
So, partial emblem reset would help much

How about a way to reset your hero’s. Say you haven t used 1 in awhile but you need the mats for a new one you just received. Just like with emblems but you get all your mats back and 30% back in food. Just a thought.

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I would spend more money on the game if new a new hero actually meant I could use it.

Groc. I get a new hero I start using them unleveled in quests. Gives you a idea of how to use them.

Not concerned about the 900-1000 feeder heros. More concerned about getting some food AMD mats back. If 4* mats were easier to get like 3* mats it would not be so bad.

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