“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

This will probably get merged but i was thinking a great idea for one of the hero academy levels would be to either take a maxed hero and exchange 4 star mats with another 3.70 hero. Or just remove them from the maxed hero to use on another. I feel like I’m saying the same thing almost. But pretty much to be able to correct ascension mistakes or swap with a more desired hero.



But lots of people like the idea, so stick a vote on it :+1:


Lol is perseus that bad lol. I have him and havent touched him. I just have so many other blues

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Compared to thorne? No he’s alright

Compared to alasie, magni, alice, sonya, grimm, (insert any blue 5* not named thorne or Richard here), yea he’s that bad


Point made! Lol 20 muffin characters!


We’ve been trying to get an update on the Shortlist of Frequent Requests (Ruled Out & Considering - Please Read Before Posting!) post for several months, and this seems like it has enough of a following that it should be included there…whenever we manage to get an update on that.

So in upshot, yes, we can, but it might be a while still before we get any response about it.


I’d definitely love to see an update on the frequent requests. I support this one!


In Hero Academy it will be useful to dismantle a hero and get back all ascension items, just in case if levelled up a hero you no longer wants.

Honestly, I prefer SGG to increase the chances of getting AMs than having a token to take materials out of ascended heroes.

And for the really, really bad heroes, a buff/rebalancing solves the problem.


I would love to take back my noob ascensions of Khagan and Aegir. I’m sure there are many players out there that would love to do the same

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I like my aegir
I’ll trade ya my perseus for your aegir lol


Old Aegir, sure.

New Aegir is quite a different story, he became a very decent tank and helps his team survive in titans.

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Think the only thing that will make me regret aegir is if i get a 2nd ariel…then I’ll be a bit irked

Yes, he’s not that bad, but I would still like to reset him now. At my level, he is basically useless. I could use those scopes to ascend another Frida or Ariel

I may be repeating ideas from others so this may be a merge candidate. I’m also not in Beta so I don’t know what exactly is being worked for the hero academy.
I know that most players would love one of the levels to be a “re-education school” for heroes.
You put in your max level 5* who’s gathering dust (I’m looking at you Khagan, Justice, Margaret etc) and get back your ascension mats and the hero at 1.1.
Like the reset emblems though you’ve lost all your food and also the heroes that you used to max the hero which would be considerable.
SG would only implement this with a gem cost I’d say but it may still be worth it.
I’m just not receiving 4* ascension mats at a level where it encourages me to continue to try and summon heroes (like a lot of us).

I guess I would favor this idea, a special reset button to revert heroes back to 1:1, if mats are already used, all mats (rare and epic) returned back to inventory, while food and recruits lost but please at no gem cost.

Although there are other topics requesting for this same option.

“Undo” for heroes to return ascension mats / “Reset Token” for ascension mats that would work like a Reset Emblem does for emblems

Reset final ascension mats for 5* heros like emblem?

Reset emblems for ascension materials



Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I’m the 100th voter! :yum:
Screenshot 2020-01-27 at 14.13.42


To expound further on this popular request, I would like to echo that the reset should work like the reset emblem…such that there should be reset mat token and gem reset option.

However, unlike the reset emblem, the reset mat should work per tier.i.e four (4) or more reset mat tokens would be required to completely reset a 4th tier hero to 1:1. Also for each tier, gem reset option.

Example :
to reset from 4/80 to 3/70 1 (or more) reset mat or gem can be used.
from 3/70 to 2//60 1 (or more)reset mat or gem etc…
Let the reset mat tokens be available as rewards as usual…

Bottom line, mats per tier are returned to the inventory with penalty to lose food and trainers per tier when reset mat tokens are used…

And penalty to lose food, trainers and certain % of mats per tier when gems reset option is used.

Just a slight modification of reset emblem approach.


Telluria, has shown how completely absurd and a total waste of resources very slow and even most slow heroes really are. Better or equal defense and health stats than even the s3 slow green tank Heimdall. Doesn’t even include the added stats from the minions. Then Telluria has better mana reduction than Boss Wolf does at very slow. Mana reduction was supposed to be the justification for Boss being very slow in the first place.

Small Giant, if you’re going to make legendary heroes totally obsolete you should at least give players you screwed the option to get their ascension materials back.

So many grotesquely underpowered legendary heroes out now. Costumes And emblems can’t save them.

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