Undo button!

Hero academy needs an option to undo option for the first 60 seconds for ha10. Ive several alzar and even if its leveled, just says are you sure? About to use a rare or higher regardless of developed or undeveloped…

This can be prevented by locking the ones you don’t want to feed away


One might call that the preemptive, “definitely DON’T do,” button. :joy:


It would make more sense, thou, to receive at least 5* locked having to unlock them if you really want.


For any that don’t know how to lock heroes, there’s a graphic at this link:


Yeah he wasn’t locked because I don’t ever use him. Just bites because I have limited red and resources…

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No 10 char or 20 char

It would be nice if they were locked…but only if you knew how to unlock them. Then you’d have the problem the other way, and constantly be requested to buy more room.


Well, it would need a bit of tutoring but…
Imagine losing a Frigg to a pavlovian click during a training session.
Current situation allows for irreversibile damage, the one I’m picturing not really.

Also… I’m talking about precious heroes, by the time you get them you should be familiar with lock/unlock :wink:
Or you can get, if you really wanna use 4/5* as feeders :rofl:

Yeah, I lock everything I don’t want to use as food, as soon as I get it.


I try to do the same.
Yet one night I was very tired and ate a…

Because, really :rofl:

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