Undispellable status effects should also be immune to status resist. Thoughts?

It’s bothering me for a while now, mostly because of my Morgan la Fay, but there are few more heroes out there whose balancing strength was that their effect can not be removed. Take Morgan or Natalya. The fact you can’t cleanse off their status make it actually dangerous.

It hurts those heroes a lot that there are now ways introduced to resist the status at all - the Monk’s class, Grazul or innate abilities. It feels to me that it shouldn’t be a case - if their strength is ability to not be cleansed or dispelled, it should be also that they can apply the status when under resist. Thoughts?

To me heroes as Grazul are designed exactly to prevent what can’t be cleansed.


Why so? I’d say Grazul is created to prevent anything that comes, but majority of it is dispellable. Burns, def downs etc. Nothing about Grazul suggests she’s to counter undispellable only.

What’s the purpose of the ‘undispellable’ heroes then? Not only their effect is mediocre as being undispellable balances it, but it may not even be applied at all. A special that does literally nothing, not even initial dmg. I wouldn’t argue if these heroes were top tier but we know they aren’t, they’re actually fall behind current meta more and more…

I didn’t said that, she is able to prevent all of the status effects by design (undispensabile or not).
She would be pretty useless otherwise.

Once they get applied you know for sure (unless the new guardians cast their specials) you can’t dispel them.

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Ok, so fine with Grazul, she’s built around that skill, it can be played around if needed. But how about Kingston’s resistance to burn and Natalya, a hero designed to set greens on fire? Now she’s obsolete. Same goes for every darn monk in the game, Drake, Joon etc - attacking them with Morgan or Natalya is a lottery. If these skills can not be dispelled, it doesn’t make much sense if there is a hero pool that completely resist them. I do get why we want Kingston to be resisting GM, but he should still be scared off Natalya, the otherwise mediocre green murderer. I don’t follow the logic there and see balancing issues resulting from it (hurting the specials which are already niche and balanced).

I’m not a fan of built-in resistances either but I guess it’s the best that SGG could find to add counterplays to certain heroes without straight out nerfing them…

And suboptimal heroes suffer because of this.

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Burn another one or take another hero into that battle. If King won’t burn, bite him or whatever.

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Yea I know how to deal with that, I just see it as heroes becoming collatetal victims of otherwise acceptable mechanic. If I burn hard enough that no one can put down the fire, no one should be able to resists it either, even if normal fire wouldn’t hurt them. It’s the only strength of these heroes really because otherwise few hundred of dot over multiple turns is really weak…

But I’m locked on Natalya and Morgan now, I recall Perseus also and thw sand heroes, can’t remember who else had this…

There’s also the flip side of the argument to consider: making exceptions to status resistance makes the heroes that rely on the resistance significantly weaker.

For example, I regularly use Aeron’s shield to block Onatel’s undispellable mana steal effect, making him a great counter for her. If the mana steal is suddenly allowed to pierce the shield simply because it’s undispellable, then Aeron loses a lot of his viability almost to the point of uselessness. The whole point of the shield is to prevent undispellable effects before they can happen. Sure he would still block dispellable effects, but any other cleanser can basically do the same thing and often better.

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I understand your thought process because it does suck when your heroes ability doesn’t come through at all. Why use Natalya with a small DoT due to being undispellable when you can have Lady Locke with HUGE DoT but is dispellable. When you are looking solely at that trade off, I can see why you are upset.

But at the same time, every hero should have a counter. Someone like Grazul only has a shield for 2 turns. If you are on offense, wait it out and then apply it. It’s what I usually have to do anyways when facing a Grazul or Inari.

Plus, what about the rogue class? There are times where my Marjana completely dodges a Lianna attack. Is that unfair to Lianna? Well it certainly sucks for her but I wouldn’t say it’s unfair. It’s just an added element to the game in which you need to prepare for

Well it’s quite the opposite, I do have Kingston maxed and I wasn’t going to max Natalya ever. My experience comes from Morgan and couple times when I put the life drain on a Monk (I never do that anymore), it just feels weird and unintended to me. I can imagine it hurts maxed Natalya’s owners even more, the hero has its limits and now they are pushing her with those new releases and the classes even further down, as if they forget that the hero exists and can be hurt dramatically by that.

But on the other side, I guess Onatel is a good example of a hero that could overly benefit from that… So perhaps I would exclude the “status resisting” skills from that, just keep it to innate/passive abilities.

Good point on Lianna, and I thought about the rogues either but that Lianna’s target selection in a match is actually wider. There’s a rogue in the corner? Fine, leave them, you can always murder the half-hp flank to prevent them from firing or healing. DOT specialists do not have this comfort, they already do not benefit much from idk placing a debuff on flank Ariel who is about to gain full mana in a turn or two, they won’t eliminate a hero from the battlefield and actually bring no good if that example Ariel heals everyone anyways. My strategy with Morgan was almost always to fire on wings because they charge slowest and I can actually afford waiting these couple turns for the special full effects to unfold. Place monk in a corner and Morgan is even more useless D;

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