Undispellable Riposte due to death

I ran a raid just now against Elena Tank. I used Evelyn on her Riposte and elena died from the impact of the hit. The rest of the two enemy heroes had their Riposte dispeller however, Elena’s Fighter trait kicked in so she revived after her death. The problem is, she respawned with Riposte fully intact. It should have dispelled when she was hit by Evelyn regardless of death or not.

attached screenshot is the enemy I raised against. Around 2:20PM EST. I don’t have a screenshot of the big happening because it was unexpected.

It’s due to the order of effects… Special skills are processed / executed in the order they are written.

In the example you have described here is how it went down:

  1. Elena & flanks had counter attack up

  2. Evelyn dealt direct damage to Elena & 2 nearby

    • Elena died from direct damage
    • Elena’s revive kicked in
  3. Evelyn’s dispell applied to nearby enemies. No effect on Elena as she was in “ghost” mode.

So because the revive talent processes the instant that HP = 0, it occurred BEFORE the dispell part of evelyns skill.


That makes sense. Thanks for explaining!

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