Undispellable Bug

I noticed a strange interaction between Ludwig and Bertulf.

It seems as though when one of their cast buffs is “undispellable”, it also isn’t refreshed upon multiple casts by the hero.

For instance, I noticed something strange when Bertulf’s damage buff ended sooner on my C. Colen than on the rest of my team.

I was fighting non-elite enemies in an emblem “trial” quest.

It seems as though there needs to be a distinction between a buff being “dispelled” and a buff being refreshed by multiple castings of the hero’s special.

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Undispellable means it cannot be overwritten, even with a fresh version of the same thing


It can be “refreshed” if caster use his special again, at least it work like that with elemental links and I’m pretty sure with everything else too.

On topic, you don’t have 100% chance for buffs to be undispellable even with max family bonus, if family bonus will apply then you can refresh undispelable version of buff only with undispelable version of buff so family bonus must be triggered again (if its sill not working then it might be serious problem)

What was rest of your team? Some S4 can make buffs stay 1 turn longer.

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Seems like there should be a difference a buff being “refreshed” and “dispelled.” Undispellable should mean that it can’t be dispelled by a dispel effect, not it can’t be refreshed if the same hero special was cast again.

This is why I’m reporting this as a bug, since it seems unintended.

My team was Raffaele, Wilbur, Costume Colen, Ludwig, Wilbur.

I noticed that Bertulf’s special ended on Costume Colen before everyone else and wondered how that was possible.

Seems silly that the interaction would be such that you could have a situation where there is only one turn left on Bertulf’s buff and you cast the buff again but afterward you realize that everyone’s buff is still at only one turn left.

This also happens with Ludwig and Ferant

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Hi….there is a similar issue with Wolf on another topic. But I wanted to post this here as well. When I cast Ferants special a 2nd time his duration does not reset to 5. I think it happens when it’s undisspellsble. Someone said it shouldn’t reset but that means the elemental links are broken then. I think this is a big because Xenophod’s duration does not reset either and he’s not part of the family.

Here is the duration of Ferant and Xeno before I cast.

Here is the duration after I cast. The mana special actually goes to 3 instead of 5. But I’ve seen it not even update.

I’ve seen it not even update. In fact this Bug manifests in multiple ways but it’s definitely there. You just need at least 2 from the wolf family and you need to cast an undisspellsble while the special is already present.

You should see the bug. Thanks for taking a look!


Thank you for reporting! Yes, I just can’t believe that this is intentional. If anything this would make me not want to family stack for these heroes.

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Confirmed the issue again with Ludwig and Bertulf while fighting a 10* Emperor Dragon titan.

When a cast buff triggers the wolf family ability and becomes “undispellable” it is not being refreshed after multiple casts and is incredibly frustrating because you are put in a situation the buffs are ending a different times on across your team and you’re having to constantly check each hero to see how many turns are left on your buffs.

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More issues with this family. I saw Caitlin Dispel Ludwigs Taunt when it was Undisspellable. I did not get a pick of that. But the 2nd time around I made sure to take a snap shot. But this time Ludwig and Ferants buff was undispellable. This time Caitlin fired and the Taunt remained but her dispel removed the undispellable counterattack from Ludwig? And she removed it from Prof Liddenboch even though Ludwigs Taunt should have stopped that as well?!?!

Clearly this family has some major bugs. Abd it’s very disheartening to players when the rush these players out there without fully debugging them. It feels like a money grab then fix later.

Very frustrating.

Nice catch and thank you for the screenshots. Hopefully they are looking at this. I have been using Ludwig and Bertulf in my titan teams and it is so annoying having the buff wear off at different times.

Did you flag any of the posts showing the issue in order to bring it to their attention?
If not, you should do or it will stay just a thread they might read :slight_smile:

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I have Wolf and Ferant, so interested in what the Devs have to say

And thanks for showing it


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Hmmm… It’s a 35% chance? So you will experience that sometimes it will be dispelled. It’s not the Buff that is undispelable it’s the chance for…

That’s the way I read and understand it :blush:

Thanks for the tip! I will do that right away.

Thank you for the reports, we will investigate this here.


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Continuing the discussion from Undispellable Bug:

[Please see the thread referenced above for the previous discussion with some pictures, thank you.]

I finally got Wolfgang in the recent Soul Exchange and I was shocked to discover today that this issue I reported in 2021 still exists.

I noticed something was odd today when I was doing a quest and Ludwig and Lady of the Lake no longer had buffs but C. Perseus did.

I was shocked by this, but then I remembered my complaint, which I’d honestly forgotten about.

A staff member, Petri, advised that it would be investigated, but I never heard anything else.

I was really sad to see this because it really discourages using this family bonus because my Ludwig could go off and potentially not give a new buff to an ally because the old one was “undispellable.”

That should be something that applies to the enemy team, allies.

This was a real shame to see since I just traded 15 5* heroes for Wolfgang and was excited to finally have that synergy…

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Tl;dr on this one: with this family bonus, if a Wolf Family hero casts a buff that becomes “undispellable”, that very same hero is unable to refresh that buff with subsequent casts of their own special.

So Ludwig could cast his taunt, get the “undispellable” Taunt with the bonus (still lasts 6 turns), cast his special again after 5 turns, and be left with 1 turn of Taunt left due to him being unable to refresh it.