Underwild Summons

Does anyone know if they plan to release any additional 3 or 4 star heroes for season 4? I’m newer…came around the start of season 4…so I dont know how they do things. I only see 5 star consistently added. I have all the 3 and 4 star…multiples…at this point. Seems a waste to use my coins for the miniscule chance at a 5 only. It does seem like Valhalla has more in the rare and epic category.


Also asked and answered in the main summoning thread

The summons are absolutely ridiculous, if your not paying dont expect a decent hero, save my summons coins, and keep saving all for 3 star ■■■■ pulls. Small Giant you guys really kinda suck, but thanks for the extra entertainment this past year

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I was waiting to do a 10 pulls on Underwild, but since 5* odd are so very low and I was disappointed in my last try in that portal, I look more closely at the 4* heroes which are the one we have better odds to get. Only 5 total! And I have already two of them on my bench. I also got all the 3* from that season. Meh… Not worth it for me, I will pass on that portal and wait for Valhalla, it diversity suit me better. I have no need for 5 more Mack! I like him, but I just need one.

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Yeah, I dont like the lack of 4 star this season. It prohibits me from using anything but my free tokens now that I’ve gotten all the 3 and 4 star. I’m not afraid to spend, but im not a whale. once I get all the 4 star, whats the point of actually blowing money on a small chance? Whales will be whales and thats fine, but I think they are doing themselves a disservice cutting out the more calculating c2p. id spend, without a doubt, if there were new 4s in there too, while hoping for a 5.

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