Underwild Nature Buff not stacking properly

The underwild extra buffing and de-buffing stage features include one that buffs nature heroes… As seen in the attached image.

I just want to inform you of something I have noticed about it:
It doesn’t stack with other similar effects to go beyond 100%
See, here is Glenda, trying unsuccessfully to buff Frigg beyond this 100% stage-buff…

  1. Glenda’s buff description:

  2. Glenda’s buff properly appearing on Magni:

  3. The stage’s nature hero buff properly appearing on Heimdall:

  4. You’d expect Frigg to have 140% at this point, but she doesn’t. She just has the same 100% buff that Heimdall does:

Nowhere does it mention that this stage’s nature hero buff will be capped at 100%, and if it would that would be limiting to heroes with that specific mechanic already in mind.

Looks like a bug, smells like a bug, people tell me it’s a bug… Ergo… I am reporting it so SGG can fix it :wink:

Thank you, and good luck :crossed_fingers:t2:

You can’t stack effects with the same icon, in earlier stages where yellow had +50% atk buff it wasn’t stacking with my Krampus atk buff.

It doesn’t look like bug, its just game mechanic


Damn. That’s bummer news.
Because this means some heroes (or some combos) are poorer in these stages despite being of the stronger colors, or even because of it.
Wish they would at least include this in the effect description.

To be honest, after re-reading your reply, this definitely still seems like a bug to me.
I won’t lie though, season 4 has been the most enjoyable season for me, as far as the new gameplay mechanics at least :call_me_hand:

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