Underwild Gems in Raid Tournaments

I keep getting underwild Gems in inappropriate situations. Since season 4 started I constantly get them, especially in Raid tournaments which is completely unfair. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no effect, any other ideas please. It’s frustrating enough now that the whales are beating me constantly with limit breaks without this adding to the unfairness of the game.

This is a game feature. Reinstalling the game won’t change anything.

In regards of fairness, I kindly remind you that the game is using a Pay to Win system. Which means you need to buy the latest heroes if you wish to be competitive.

The issue you have is caused by a Season 4 special. If you buy gems and do summons on Season 4 gate, you’ll be able to also use the underwild gems in your favor.

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Underwild Gems spawn because of the family bonus of Season 4 heroes - so you don’t only get them in map stages, but also everywhere else where a Season 4 hero is used.

Was that your concern? I am not sure if I follow after you brought up the whales.

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I’m afraid you need to clarify what inappropriate situations. As others stated, any time you fight with or against a S4 hero you can get them.

And this doesn’t even make sense.


I think OP refers to raid tourneys where the attacking or defending player may have those new S4 rare heroes which probably may have their limits broken. Alluding the enemy having new S4 heroes that converts normal tiles into offensive tiles, while OP doesn’t have them and is not familiar with how these heroes and their family bonus work, made him think that such heroes are obtained thru moderate or heavy summoning using gems bought from real-life money.

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Thanks to everyone who responded. I feel such a plinker, not realising that the gems are a feature of season 4 heroes. The whales comment was probably unnecessary, I was just venting as I have been competitive in this game for three years and now feel like the joy is being sucked out of the game for players who don’t spend big.
Again many thanks all.