Underwild Family Bonus is blocking actions for about 3 seconds - why?

Very frequently I find myself missing fires of heroes because fogg creates an underwild family gem. Even though I’m aware and trying to keep in mind that my action is blocked I still end up missing firing specials because the blocking of actions is sooooooooo long - it could really use a change

This is a major annoyance, especially against a titan. Easier to avoid new hero’s vs. waiting for the animation to end.


I can see how Foggy makes this a slightly different argument

I agree, the delay is annoying. I’ve missed firing other heroes after a gem is formed on many occasions. Just something I will have to get used to.


Agree. I don’t understand why special can’t fire at the same time as gem creates. No sense.

I mean we all see when it’s made and we are aware, no need to give us extra time to notice that SG.

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This is a drawback for S4 heroes !!! Fogg is only heroes that have -58% defense against specific element, so SG add this drawback to him :smile:

S4 heroes have the chance to create a gem after they fire their special skill. When they do it, it causes a short delay. During a consecutive attack this delay could end up a skip of a special skill. I am used to attack fast but here I am forced to wait if a gem is created or not. I could miscalculate the order of firing. I even sometimes somehow can’t manage to fire s4 heroes in the fast process and receive an attack in return. This gem creation sabotages my attacks at times shortly.


Does this mean that using S4 heroes against titan may cause loss of milliseconds due to their chances creating a tile that acts as minion on offense?

I have missed a few specials this way but I like the delay. It helps me realize the gem exists so I don’t make a match and get rid of it.

I totally agree.
It is incredibly annoying

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exactly! I’ve currently adapted to firing the hero after fogg 4-5 times to make sure it fires…

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I’ve only used S4 heroes on farming, but attest to the annoyingness of the delay. Usually go into the last level and hit all the specials, and then wonder why the last hero in the line didn’t fire. Because there’s not just an animation pause, it stops taking presses during that time as well.

I understand that the gem has to have generated before you take the next action (to prevent you from accidentally destroying your own gem), but since everything is ultimately calculated in advance (we see this in that clicking all five specials, only the ones needed to wipe out the other side actually fire, even if the animations go out of order), the lockout is unnecessary and contraproductive.


Dear SG,
There’s a very inconvenient feature with abyss gems’ animation.

Let’s follow the case step by step:

  1. You cast abyss hero’s special
  2. Abyss gem appears
  3. You can’t activate any other hero’s special until abyss gem’s animation finishes.

It’s really annoying since all the players are used to another mechanics - “just tap all the fully charged heroes and they will cast the special skill”.

To be crystal clear, here’s the concrete example.
My team: Lidenbrock + Malosi.

  1. I get the full mana for both Lidenbrock and Malosi.

  2. What I usually do:
    2.1. Tap Liden
    2.2. Tap Malosi
    2.3. Move the tiles

  3. What I have to do now:
    3.1. Tap Liden
    3.2. Check that abyss gem doesn’t appear
    3.3. If it does - wait for animation to finish
    3.4. Tap Malosi
    3.5. Move the tiles

I got many complaints about this inconvenient animation feature.

The solution would be quite simple: abyss gem’s appearance animation shouldn’t block another hero’s special skill activation.

Best regards.


I’d move this topic to Bugs & Issue

I tried to search for this “bug” but I could not find anything besides a underwild gem discussion that did not seem particularly useful. Feel free to move this topic there if it is more appropriate.

I don’t know how to get a video of this without recording myself playing on a secondary device. The problem is as follows:

I have several specials ready to go off at the same time
I usually just tap them in the order I want very quickly and the animations all kind of overlap. However if one of those heroes is a S4 hero and that special causes an underwild gem to spawn. Any of the specials I tap after the S4 hero will not trigger until after the underwild gem has completely spawned. At which time I’ll have to re-trigger the special. I also cannot make a move on the board until the underwild gem has completely spawned.

Normally this is not a problem but find myself mis-timing specials or wasting time on moves during titans. Is this intended or a bug?

This. The animation wastes 3 to 5 seconds (I haven’t exactly timed it). My 4* underworld heroes are key in my single element teams against the titan and it’s such a goddamn pain

OMG. I’m so glad someone brought this up.
Definitely messes with flow of game play.
It would be nice to tighten this up.

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This is still an issue and poor design. Pls fix SGG!

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LoL :rofl: we want to be served a cake & also fed !

Come on, I don’t see any issue here except the titan & yeah tournaments, where CraZy speedy moves are needed…
we wanted unique - powerful - creative heroes… there you have it… & their specials will have peculiarities.

While using S4 heroes on titans (Faline) & tournaments (PoPPy) haven’t noticed this time issue…

I did get irritated the first time I took Bera for titan hit, for the tile damage & minions made my time - aspect painful… so now I use non-hassling heroes for requisite play… & its FuN :wink:

For what would you want to be served a cake if not to be fed? :thinking:

You don’t see any issue, but apparently a lot of other players do. You do realize that other people exist, right? And that titans are a pretty important aspect of the game?

How exactly are “CraZy (sic) speedy moves” needed for tournaments?

Faline isn’t a S4 hero.

That’s a lot of falsehoods and inacurracies for an single post. :joy: