Underwild Family Bonus is blocking actions for about 3 seconds - why?

Very frequently I find myself missing fires of heroes because fogg creates an underwild family gem. Even though I’m aware and trying to keep in mind that my action is blocked I still end up missing firing specials because the blocking of actions is sooooooooo long - it could really use a change

This is a major annoyance, especially against a titan. Easier to avoid new hero’s vs. waiting for the animation to end.

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I can see how Foggy makes this a slightly different argument

I agree, the delay is annoying. I’ve missed firing other heroes after a gem is formed on many occasions. Just something I will have to get used to.

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Agree. I don’t understand why special can’t fire at the same time as gem creates. No sense.

I mean we all see when it’s made and we are aware, no need to give us extra time to notice that SG.

This is a drawback for S4 heroes !!! Fogg is only heroes that have -58% defense against specific element, so SG add this drawback to him :smile:

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