Underwhelming loot

Many in our alliance have noticed less and less loot over the past 2 months. I’ve noted that since late June the loot for monster, special and hero chests as well as titan and 5 Titan loot seems to be getting more and more disappointing. Feels like the more we level up & advance, the less we are rewarded. I thought I might be overreacting, but they keep on getting less exciting and a few of our group members note the same trend.

The game is great, addictive and can be fun but I can see many users signing off if this trend continues.

I did search through previous posts and read thru discussions on time vs. rewards but felt this was a different question.


You said 2 months, I say since Easter


Many have this feeling (so as me) but officially the chests and loots were not adjusted :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just got THIS from chest…seriousely not nerved the loots???

Food, iron and only two gems??? Nothing else?? Common SG!!

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Actually, that is even a good one compared to the last I just got. Around 50k food and iron, and 1 !!! Diamond.
It become like this shortly after I started. I’d say around march.
Before my mission chests had at least 3 up to 5 diamonds.

Same here. It’s hard to keep players in the alliance when the game disappoins them every day. Today we have another rare titan - 10* Tiger. I feel sad, when I saw it’s a rare one and me and other leader had to tell people “don’t be mad, you won’t get those rings”. Three of them already said that od they are not getting anything worthy from this rare titan they leave. And you know what? I’m starting to recruit - after a year in this game I learned that you are not getting anything. Empires and puzzles kills positive thinking.

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Translation (Spanish): Of course I also join you in your complaint

Agreed. I haven’t seen a non-farmable 4* mat in loot for like 3-4 months, the last one I got were mystic rings from mystic vision, lol.

Here is my next loot from raids:

Do you think that’s better for Titanium? I am not excited…:unamused:

Ha Ha! What a day! What I expected to get from chest I got from mystic vision!! :joy:

Well, that is actually already a good chest.

That is awesome!
And for the record: I don’t expect this as a loot every time from a normal chest.
But there is not exactly a fine line between that loot and what usually is in a normal chest.

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Well. Also not normal for me from a chest but more than 3 items (food, iron, gems) should be and was in deed normal once…

Yes it was! Until February it definitely was.

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That’s a lot of food and iron! What level are you?

I think I feel even worse now seeing some of the loot here! :thinking::joy:

Battle loot Gold level…

Level 45

I am not a moderator

Another annoying thing that began to happen recently:

Like it’s not enough that you get crap, the crap has to take up TWO slots instead of x2 in one slot, cool huh? :slight_smile:

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That’s bizarre. I’m glad I started this thread. I hope SG reads it.