Understanding the Wizard Talent

I want to make sure I understand how the wizard talent functions.

+5% chance (in this case it’s Onatel’s 4th level of wizard talent so it will be 20% chance)

deal extra 15% damage per active buff

Let’s assume opposing team has Kiril who gives defense and attack buff to all allies (2 buffs per player). All 5 players are alive and the buff is active

Application in this scenario:

  • Onatel’s normal attack is at 618
  • She has a 20 percent chance to do an extra 150% damage (15% damage x 10 active buffs)
  • Thus 20% chance to attack at 1,545 damage and 80% chance to attack at normal 618 damage.

Is this the correct understanding of how wizard talent functions?

It is only applicable to the heroes that she attacks. And also, it’s on a per hero basis. So since each of the 3 heroes has 2 active buffs, she will have a 20% chance to do +30% damage to any of those 3 heroes.


@ThePirateKing So can the resulting damage be reflected back if Onatel attacks a hero with a riposte active or is it just the initial damage that gets reflected and the Jinx damage is not applicable in this situation?


The entire thing should reflect back. When I have seen Jinx activate there is no extra damage which shows up on the screen, so it means that the entire damage is calculated together (total damage = normal damage + jinx damage). In that case it makes sense that certain percentage of the total damage will get reflected.


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