Understanding rare tigers

So the ? is why does 3 tiles on a rare tiger with counter attack active destroy a whole team with only 60% counter but heroes with 125% counter attack are survivable with multiple strikes guess i’m just wondering how that math works

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Rare titans reflect their color

not the color reflect i mean the counter attack

Probably because people in general like to stack strong colours against titans, blue in this case, because he is red titan. Now when you stack the tile damage gets added, and then if it hits the critical spot the damage doubles. So just for simple maths sake, imagine three blue heroes stacked against the ancient tiger who each deal 100 damage per tile. Due to colour stacking each tile now does 300 damage, 900 if you consider three tiles required for a blue match, and if it hits the critical spot that is 1800 damage. 60% of that would be 1080 reflected damage, which is likely to kill most of the average blue heroes. Now, this is just some base numbers. In general, these numbers could be upward of 2500-3000, even more if you have attack buffed by Kiril, or titan defense debuff by Frida, and if Wu is active…I don’t even want to think about the massacre…could be 10000 hit, and even 60% of it will be 6000 damage returned to your blue heroes (insta death). In raids, people generally don’t use Wu and there is no critical spots so a lot of the damage gets mitigated even at 125% counter. Mind it, it will still kill a strong sniper like Joon or Sartana. :slight_smile:


now that’s a sensible answer well thought out makes me feel dumb thank you


It was a very nice question worth pondering over. I am glad you asked it. :slight_smile:


Read it… but was to late for now… but i will remember it for the next time… it solves our problem

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edit: already answeref and much more thoroughly.