Understanding emblem use

At lot of folks on Facebook, etc. advise people to beef up the heroes primary focus with emblems. For example, Boldtusk is a defense hero, so people suggest taking a defense emblem approach to make him stronger, more resilient. I completely understand this approach, however if you have a hero that is sort of a glass cannon, strong hitter with weak defense, wouldn’t it make more sense to beef them up where they are week to make them a more well rounded hero, rather than adding to their attack strength and having a Titan kill them off quickly and early on in a battle. What does everyone else think? How do you use your emblems?

Personally, if they are a defensive hero or a healer, I go the defensive route. If they are an attacker, I go the attacking route. For instance, my +11 Boldtusk has over 800 defense, while my +9 Scarlett has over 810 attack! Those are stout numbers for 4* heroes!


The honest answer is that you should emblem them the way you use them. There is no perfect answer.

For example - I use Jackal on titans. Tile damage rules on titans and no amount of health and defense will allow jackal to take 2 hits from a 10* titan, so I went attack. I actually bring revive scrolls so when he inevitably dies I just bring him back (and I’ve never run out). Others may use him other ways and go defense/health as it suits their play style better.

Another example - I use Gormek on titans and events - where again, tile damage rules, I went attack then health. Falcon I went attack then D for the same reasons.

Now if I was a big time raider where survivability and firing of specials is important I’d have done it differently.


In contrast my focus is War and in raids you need your hero to stay alive.

Like you I feel designers gave some heroes balancing weaknesses to offset strong advantages. For me the prime example is Grimm (glass canon) but this applies to Jackal and Caedmon as well. For all three I went Defence primary; Life secondary.

The principle I have is ‘keep these guys in the fight as long as possible’ to use their already good skill. I also run Mono attacks, which may influence my experience. Because I run mono it means an already Very Good (but not excellent) attack Grimm charges at the same time as Kiril and Frida - but obviously, only if they are all alive. If they are, that’s a devastating hit vs the enemy even without the extra attack points Grimm could have. But if he’s dead, he’s dead. Kiril is +11 currently and Grimm +19. They live longer than they used to.

Are they Mother North+6 strong? No. But they stay in the fight long enough so I average 5 one-shots per war and blue is a strong colour now for me, even vs non-red tanks.

Liana is different for me - I’ve gone full offence on her - figuring she’s strong enough to survive in the corner so I’m going to see how high we can get the strongest attack in the game. Sounds devastating, right? She’s +5 right now. She sits in my 1st strong green mono team beside a second Liana at 4/75. But do I notice an appreciable difference yet in their hitting power? Nope.

In sports they say Defence wins championships. I like that rule. I’m mostly following it.

This * may change when we start facing +10-+18 defenders. We’ll see. I’m not locked on this strategy, but for now it’s serving me well. I’m on a streak of 19 consecutive raid wins the last couple days in high diamond taking out at least a dozen of players in the top 100. So even if I’m on the wrong path, my teams don’t suck.


The thing is glass cannon heroes can’t really be meaningfully improved in their defense stats by emblems. Like 5* heroes who are considerably tougher than a hero like Scarlett ie Marjana die to 2 hits from an 11* or 12* titan. Scarlett can take 2 hits from an 11* or 12* titan too, with turtle banners. Best to focus on what’s already good about the hero and make it better. Tiny stat improvements can’t make a bad stat good but they can make a good stat better.


It depends on the hero.

A hero like Melendor can actually work with the offensive or defensive approach, as explained here by zephyr:

I took the defensive approach with mine and he works fine imo, he still picks up decent chunks of attack on the way (mine is at +7). Downside is his thorn minions don’t hit as hard as they could.

It also depends on your goals at the end of the day.


I had the same discuss earlier with my alliance, specific about Magni,as i like to follow their basic stats like i have my onatel more beefed im not sure about this guy,his defence is weaker than 4*,not sure yet but since i wanna place him on the flank for full synergy of that +63 def it would be a shame if he dosent even fire once at least, I’d like some opinions about him cause i think he is the best example about wich path.

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So we all agree - it depends on how you use them, lol.

My Magni is going full attack…because he’s a sniper first and foremost. He will get beefed up a little from the attack path too. Hopefully it’s enough to allow him to fire at least once.

When in doubt, take out a sheet of paper and calculator to determine the card stats. (What I should have done)

For some, it depends on how you use them. Likewise for some, there’s little you can do to improve a deficiency of anything worth the precious emblems.

Alliance mate’s Jackal going up attack only.

Mine going up health and defense. Barely an improvement at the cost of lower attack.

Expanding on the point @sleeperZ96BT made about revive scrolls, revive should very much be taken into account. It’s a point I don’t see come up often / at all during these discussions, though I’m pretty sure everyone who has Alberich / Mother North knows it and takes it into account.

If you have a hero who revives and they’re likely to be on the field with your emblemed hero for whatever battle, it is even more reasonable to go down the attack path. I have had many fights where my embelemed attack Grimm dies, perhaps firing his special first, perhaps not. Then a bit later, Mother North charges up, brings him around, and he fires, to great effect, and then sometimes he dies again. This is a very acceptable scenario to me.

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Against Titans, when you have revive and mana options - go attack.

But in real world usage in War defence and health are king - at least if you use Mono teams (which I do)

Titans where you get MASSIVE hits against you, the extra defence/health probably isn’t going to transform a glass canon into Horghall’s tougher cousin. However in war when splash damage and 2ndary hits and minion smacks etc are factored in, putting Grimm on a far side on an attack with the boosted defence makes him significantly more likely to be alive to use as part of my big hit once I get the board in my favour (for mono) than if I went offence. And if I went offence, having all of my Mono team charge up, his hit would be overkill. So defence/health is (in my experience thus far) far more useful than attack stats - in war (and that’s pretty much all I care about. I get my 3/100k titan hits from this strategy anyway - but yes, I’m giving up some points on Titans, for sure.

It’s a difference of 5-10 per cent winning percentage in war, I’d estimate.

Which plays to my point exactly - you prefer war and raid, so you do what’s best for you. I don’t, so I go the other way in terms of path :slight_smile: That’s what makes this game great - a choice for all!

I don’t know what way you went, but I had the same problem and since I’m using heroes that buff defense on my defense team, I decided to prioritize HP and it seems to work just fine.
Which path did you go?

Some time [quote=“SWEG, post:5, topic:107381”]
The thing is glass cannon heroes can’t really be meaningfully improved in their defense stats by emblems.

So that was back on May. Now it’s September and Grimm and Kiril ARE facing +10 Kage and Gravy’s… and they’re still holding their own on Top mono teams. I’m thrilled with the longevity and survivability of my defensive emblemed 4*s

How do I apply the emblems to the heroes? There is no option to click on for emblem to go to specific heros. I gave a bunch of emblems, but dont know how to assign them. Please help.

You don’t go to the emblems to assign them. You go to the hero, then click talent grid (as long as they’re at max ascension, max level, and max skill)

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thank you, thank you, thank you:)

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