Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

I have done some maths this weekend. Could it be that DoT doesn’t increase in attack boost wars as well?

That I bet is correct (though I didn’t validate it). Because attack boost is like a special skill and DoT does not go up if you have an increased attack special on, say Boldtusk. It should be based on those that affect the base stat pre-attack, like talents and troops. I’m actually surprised family bonus is not affected - that almost seems like a bug.


What is the actual math to calculate DoT? How much DoT do you gain for 15 attack?

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This is different for any character and can not be answered in general.
Example: +15 attack
Colen +1 burn damage per round
Proteus +2 poison damage per round


Thank you for this. I know it now but when I started i thought it was a bug too. I know there’s explanations in other threads but maybe you could do a detailed write up on mana boosts and troops.

Found a Rumpelstiltskin with family bonus and got him to use his DoT:

This Rumpelstiltskin has 938 ATK and even 966 ATk with his family bonus. The description indicates 198 poison DoT over 3 turns, which is 66 DoT/turn.

He actually did 79 DoT/turn, i.e. 237 DoT, as can be seen in the screenshots.

Let’s see:
family bonus: DoT = 0.213 x 966 x 1.2 = 246 (= 3x 82/turn)
no family bonus: DoT = 0.213 x 938 x 1.2 = 237 (= 3x 79/turn)
no family + no defender bonus: DoT = 0.213 x 938 x 1 = 198 (= 3x 66/turn)

=> Rumpel gets the 20% defender bonus
=> Rumpel doesn’t get the family attack bonus, just like Locke
=> Rumpel’s description during battle is bugged and doesn’t include the 20% defender bonus

Since permanent attack bonuses increase the DoT (and temporary attack bonuses don’t), it really seems like a bug that the family bonus doesn’t


I’ve asked if this is intended behavior because it would seem odd for the family bonus to act this way. We’ll see what response I get.


SHEESH, with the new ninja troops, we’re gonna see some HUGE DoT numbers…

Let’s see:


Azlar+4 + Red Ninja lvl 2 = 456 / 6 turns = 76 damage per turn. Wow, and that’s just a level 2 troop :stuck_out_tongue: That’s nasty


Update to the DoT overview, now includes Roc and Bera. First for maxed mana troops:

Now with maxed ninja troops:

Max DoT should increase with the ninja troops by a whopping ~3% (130%/126% = 103%)

I expect that the ninja troops bypass ability will work on the upcoming defensive ability that cuts DoT in half (December HotM Reuben).

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I feel like Bera DOT should have an asterisk or should say minimum 3. If her moths are alive and keep biting the DOT is endless. It’s only the last bite before the moths die that the 3 turn limit really starts. I say asterisk bc it also depends on which hero the moth bites. That said, I’ve had Bera go longer than 3 turns countless times

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That is a very good point, thanks!
I’ll change the DoT turns for Bera and Kvasir to “3+” and “2+” to indicate their potential for more turns.

updated as well:

  • adjusted Vela’s DoT for the recent nerf, now her DOT factor is 0.203 like Rumpelstiltskin’s
  • updated Kvasir’s increased attack
  • updated Tyr’s increased attack
  • added Lady Locke’s increasing DoT values (14.1%/19.7%/27.6%/38.65%)

(The percentages of Lady Locke’s DoT values were derived from one raid battle, then tested and verified in one more raid battle with the following values (actual vs. calculated)
1st DoT: 204 vs. 204
2nd DoT: 286 vs. 286
3rd DoT: 400 vs. 400
4th DoT: 561 vs. 560 (the 561 was derived from the difference to her indicated total DoT of 1451
=> Looked good enough to me, but I increased the percentage from 38.6% to 38.65% to make it look perfect :innocent: )


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