Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

I wonder why DoT in defense team is always higher than in offense team. My Proteus max +19 talent, 722 att, mana troop lv17. The opponent’s Proteus max +8 talent, 707 att, critical troop lv13. But their DoT is 456/3 turns, while my DoT is only 408/3 turns. Could you please explain me? Thank Pro.

Ps. I also noticed that the damage of a hero in defense team is always higher damage of the same hero in offense team, even they have approximately att, the targets have approximately def.

The power od defence team is higher, as I wrote about 20%.it is designed to balance the battle.


I didn’t know that, thank Pro.

so, I didn’t see it in here, is Heal over Time affected the same way? Now with costumes there are several heal over time heroes, and I am wondering if an offensive path would increase their healing.
I do not have one of them yet or I would test it myself.

I don’t believe so but admittedly have less experience with HoT heroes. Here is one example I found. First is a 4.70 Gaderius card I found on the forum. Second is 4.70 +19 Gaderius from my deck. As you can see from the base stats, I have leveled up his attack, defense, and health. The HoT amount does not change so it does not appear to be a function of these stats.


makes sense, % based heals dont get stronger so they would be hard to balance if these ones did. Thanks for the response

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Want to give a heads up here:

I found out recently that HoT is always applied after DoT, regardless of the order that the status effects are casted :slight_smile:

You can read about it here:


Technically, they do get stronger. On defense, the heroes’ health values are increased, and therefore the (absolute) amount of healing done by a percent heal is also increased. So really, to be balanced, HoTs should get a 20% boost on the total healing done. I wonder if this was an oversight, especially given that HoTs on defense are very subject to being dispelled.

I thought it was just attack and defense – not health.

It’s not reflected in the listed health stats … and I don’t appear to be doing fractional damage …

… colour me sceptical, but how do you figure there’s more health on defense? :slight_smile:

Ah, I am probably mistaken. I don’t pay too much attention - I just assumed all three stats got the 20% boost. :slight_smile:

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I updated the quote to the Status effect guide to include water damage from Vela :slight_smile:


I did the calculation once for understanding how it worked on Colen. (my first leveled and maxed Dot-hero)
Using different troops (different attack boni) I came to the conclusion that his fire damage per round increases by 1 point for 2% more of attack. These refer to the base value of the maxed Colen i.e. 728. So 2% of 728 equals 14.56 or rounded of 15 attack.


  1. Each attack node gained on him will increase the burn damage by 1 per round.
  2. On defense (20% bonus) his burn damage will do exactly 10 points burn damage more than on attack…same Colen, same troops.

This is very very complete. :+1:I totally approve of your post, hoping that players will better understand the role of Dot and their dangerousness. :grin: Great job. :hugs:


I figured the same thing. i think it is reasonable to assume that a 20% defense bonus is going to automatically equate to a health bonus. if you increase defense by 100 pts but wipe 200 off health you will have essentially the same hero. Absolute hero power is only calculated on attack/defense power as far as i can tell.

so what exactly does water damage mean? that it deals more to fire enemies? which is also stated in the skill description? why redundancy? or is it something else?

No, DoT is static.
It deals xxx dmg points per turn.

The additional damage against a special element will be dealt by the initial hit. (if there is any)

For the sake of clarity, water damage doesn’t inherently deal more damage to fire enemies however the only current water damage hero does actually deal more damage with her DoT to fire enemies.


That’s cool.
Double DoT against JF :rofl:

Water damage in and of itself does equal DoT to all heroes.

What makes VELA do more damage to fire enemies (both direct damage & DoT) is the second part of her card which says “Deals extra damage to Fire Enemies”

What this translates to is an additional 70% damage to fire enemies in both the Direct and DoT damage.

NOTE this seems to be much more than the additional damage that Gravemaker does to Nature enemies (Not sure on Ursena’s percentage increase)… Gravemaker does ~40% bonus damage to Nature enemies… (@DaveCozy or @zephyr1 thoughts?)

If future heroes get water damage they will do a static amount of DoT to all enemies (regardless of element) unless this “Deals Extra Damage Against Fire” line is present.


Guvnor, can you clarify further on the math, re Vela? I am really confuse this 150% damage and then 208 water damage for 4 turn. At first strike, an enemy gets 150% Damage + 205 damage = 355 damage; can we call this first turn? Then, on 2nd to 4th turn (strike by other ally), enemy still receives 205 damage per turn? Please enlighten me. thanks.

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