Understanding DoT (Damage over Time)

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Did the same calculation for Proteus:

707 base attack at 4.70 that’s 100%.
Every 1% attack bonus (7 points) brings 1 poison dmg per round.

  1. Each attack node will give him 2 poison dmg more
  2. On defense his poison damage is 20 points higher

@zephyr1, has this changed? It is wierd. These are the snapshots of JF on a defense team I attacked:

As you can calculate, the in game attack and defense stat was exactly +26% and +17% of the base stat. However, the in game burn damage was 51% of the base burn damage listed on the card.

No, your screenshots are showing exactly what we’ve observed before.

344 Burn damage x 1.26 from Troop x 1.2 from unlisted Attack bonus for Defenders = 520 Burn damage listed during the battle.

The DoT amount is how we know there’s an unlisted 20% Attack increase.

Right, which is why we say the stat increases are “unlisted” — they don’t show on the displayed stats for Attack and Defense.

We can observe the Attack increase from the DoT, and the Defense increase from running the damage calculation formula.


What if you have 2 heroes of the same element (e.g. 2 Jean-Francois)? Does the DoT double if they both proc?

The general rule of thumb is that if the icon is the same, they replace each other. Here’s another good link that discusses this.


@littleKAF Thank you! Clearly I was searching for the wrong terms in the forum. This is helpful in understanding why I sometimes would see a player run with two HoTM, for example.

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I have Aruna and colen Both with same Especially if I activate Aruna and deposited COLEN accumulates the damage only after shifts ??

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Who is Aruna?
I don’t understand your question.

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this and ARUNA


Ah got it now. He is called Azlar in English version.

The fire damage do not add. They overwrite each other. Only the second one is active.

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We still have the classic Tumbler Digger.

I would say it’s GM =Gravemaker = escavador de túmulos in BR…
Translating escavador de túmulos to English gives you tumbler digger I guess…

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Thanks I already knew it was to take a screenshot and send it to the group , there are players who do not know and insist on saying that accumulates

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I am sorry to have to refute such an incredible post but what you say about the dot in the letter change of natalya is not correct

First the change is an error and this was done with the entry of Vlad from Marlovia in August 2017
second the troops if they affect this error and generate a change
third this error happens with heroes that have a fixed damage value and not a percentage (variable value)
Fourth, if it were not an error, this should also work in healers with dizfraz and others, which does not do so since the change of the values of healers from percentage to fixed was recently introduced and when changing the game code they did it correctly.
Still you have doubts about this I leave you a video that shows what I say

@ratabboypda - I hope this portion helps, then see the math at the end.

In watching your video, I notice you are using a level 16 critical troop. That has a +17% attack boost (see Kerb's 4* Troop leveling chart, hurray!).

30 x 1.17 = 35.1 which rounds to 35, exactly as this post states. I hope this helps you.


schrödinger math and why it doesn’t help

thanks for taking the time to respond
the video is an example and here I show you others
that following the path of the hit increase talent network increases the fixed damage which you wrote should not be so and I agree it should not be so !!! 1
And that is the problem

  • why put on the hero’s card, that some have a value that is calculated with a variable (attack = percentage of the hero’s special power according to hero’s attack value)
    and others have a fixed value, this implies that they are different that it does not have a variable value and that its power will not be able to be modified.

However, in the case of attack heroes, the two behave exactly the same, so why the difference in the card?
Because there is a difference between a power that takes the percentage variable over the attack and another that is fixed without a variable. but does both work the same why doesn’t this apply to healers ??

because in the healers we have heroes that their special power is with the percentage variable which act in that way
and then we have the heroes who have a fixed value healing which does not matter if we give him the talent network or we put a troop that improves the values ​​this does not change
the two cards have exactly the same explanation the only variation is that one is attack and the other is healing
so why are they different?
they are doing a schrödinger math
saying that a result can be one way and following the exact same calculation the result will change because that is mathematically impossible
it is like telling a primary school child and using basic mathematics does not advance, quantum, etc.
that 2 + 2 = 4 but also 2 + 2 = 458786214 and that is correct.

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I agree that the cards could (and probably should) be more clear, but this is not something new. For many longtime players we know that all damage scales with modifiers (troops, emblems, etc) and we’ve dealt with it.

This isn’t game breaking even if it could be more clear, and in my mind there are much bigger problems for the devs to be figuring out (HA, the broken AL, better script writing, etc).


I find it interesting that we have proof the Devs were informed about scaling DOT with attack stat, but they never replied ( linky, linky ).

Cross posting here for future reference.

Based on the information in this thread I propose the following formula for DoT calculation:

  • DoT = hero‘s DoT factor x hero‘s attack value x (1 + troop attack bonus) x defense team bonus (round down the result)


  • DoT/turn = hero‘s DoT factor x hero‘s attack value x (1 + troop attack bonus) / DoT turns x defense team bonus (round down the result)

hero‘s DoT factor = the DoT factor of the hero
hero‘s attack value= the attack value from the hero card
troop attack bonus = the attack bonus from the hero‘s troops
DoT turns = the number of turns the DoT will be active
defense team bonus = 1.2 for the defending team, 1.0 for the attacking team

Example calculation for a maxed Azlar, no emblems, level 15 crit troops in the defending team:
DoT/turn = 0.456 x 793 Atk x (1 + 16%) / 6 turns x 1.2 = 83 damage /turn (=498 damage total)

The DoT factors then look approximately like this (sorted by DoT factor):

I found that the DoT factors are slightly lower for heroes that haven’t maxed their specials and that are not on their highest ascension level. Without those the curves look very linear (DoT/turn is used for better comparison of the various DoT heroes):

(“Azlar” data is from Azlar, Colen and Marjana; “GM” data is from Gravemaker and Jean-Francois)


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