Understanding defense down and damage delivered

I would like to know how many defense down there are. And how does it give you the final attack damage you will give to given target. Ie i have mist that gives special defense down of 26 % and tiburtus give a 34% defense down. Does that stack? Also how much damage would my kilele with a 725 attack do against lets say a Malosi with a 613 defense. I know this is mote a math question than anything else, but i would like to understand the parameters of the game a bit more.
Thank you in advance

Yes the defense down and special skill defense down stack. You can also add a 3rd elemental defense down to that.

Here’s the thread about ailments and stacks

For more about damage calculation, there is a very mathematical thread about it


Thank you that helps a lot.

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No prob. I wish I knew all of this when I first started :smiley:
It really helps with building your attack teams instead of just going for the highest level and TP